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Justice Tempered by Mercy – Statue located in the Courtyard of the Law School (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to this blog.  As the picture here illustrates Justice is Blind, and the description of the symbology depicted in this scupture is deceptive and multi-contextual, an UNDER-STATEMENT if ever there was one.

Why should you care about this if your attitude to politics is boredom?  If you wake up one morning, like they did in Cyprus, and realise someone had stolen money from your bank account will you still be bored?

It is absolutely imperative that you learn about how to protect your rights, and when you are signing your name always write with your signature ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  All Rights Claimed is stronger and can be used when under threat – that means you are stating your right to use self-defence if someone tries to harm you, and you are forewarning.  

You know, while I’m recommending you purchase and learn Jurisdictionary® I also realise the unfortunate fact that while Jurisdictionary® says that to win a court case you must know how to quote the law, you are up against a brick wall if the legislation is new and there have been no High Court decisions made you can quote, or when the court simply chooses to ignore the law in favour of the new legislation such as the legislation enacted in Queensland called V.L.A.D the Impaler laws (Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill) which actually overturns Common Law, Democracy and any semblence of Justice defined as Legem Terrae (common law of the land) as defined by the Jury Justice System.  

For those young dumb law students who parrot what they are told without using what’s between their ears, look up the etymological history of the word “common”, and then I pray may you start waking up to the fact that there is something seriously wrong with the university education system and every sector in society.  

We in Australia currently have NO democracy, and the mainstream media won’t cover this.  Like the United States, our country has been taken over by a foreign shadow central banking cartel.  We are living under a dictatorship.  

Even though this is the case, if you have to deal with the courts or tribunals, Jurisdictionary® will teach you how to at least put your case forward to the court, and from there you can also place your documents onto the public record of the internet.  That’s why the powers that be are spying on us day and night, because we are using the power of free speech to make a public record, so that when the 99% apprehend and arrest the 1%, and hold grand juries, we can and we must hold them to account for the actual crimes committed (treason) or for aiding and abetting (conspiracy to commit fraud – sedition).

However this shadow government are not merely bad people, they are satanists who are into paedophilia, satanic sacrifices and the like.  Some say they are reptilian.  They are certainly fascists and communists.  I don’t know if that’s true, but they are certainly cold blooded, and they are all powerful because they control the courts, the police and the army, and they have all the weapons.

Any revolution this time around, must be an intellectual revolution.  There is no need for guns, that’s why the police are always so violent towards peaceful demonstrators, because that is an intellectual statement, and that’s why most demonstrations don’t make it onto mainstream news.  It is blacked out in the media for the purpose of putting out any advertising of resistors and their message.

They are afraid of us, and so they should be.  That’s why football and hollywood are heavily pushed, because they don’t want you to think, they want you to be entertained (mind controlled).  

I taken the time to transpose the following audio interview between Ben Lowrey and Dr  Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®.  The subject matter of the following transcript is an overview of what Jurisdictionary® is all about and why it was developed.  I cannot recommend Jurisdictionary® highly enough.    – Krisstie, Brisbane, Australia



Ben Lowrey:  Could you tell us a bit about yourself?  You’re the founder of Jurisdictionary®  Give us a little bit of background of how it all started.

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Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Oh my goodness.  Well, I was sailing many years ago for quite some time, almost ten years and I met a young fellow, who went to law school, and we were friends for many years, and after he graduated I got the idea, well if Jim can go to law school, well then maybe I can do it.  So I did, and I practiced for a few years until I began to discover that there was a NEED for public legal education, so we created Jurisdictionary® in 1997 and it’s just been a swimming success.

Ben Lowrey:  Wow, wonderful.  Now I was reading your Jurisdictionary® website … You’ve been an attorney pretty much as long as I’ve been alive.   Dr Graves, I’m kind of struggling where to start for questions, let me think … I come from a sort of New Age Freedom Patriot Movement so I’ve not got a forum or kind of an academic background in law at all you know, I’m kind of a newbie.  I’m not really sure where to start with questions.  Just tell us a bit more about Jurisdictionary® if you would?

Horse and Rider

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Let me just give you a thought for a moment, for example about the Freedom Movements and so forth.  You see there was a time when it was fairly easy to jump on the back of a horse, and if you were fairly good you could steer the horse by pulling on its mane, and the somebody invented this thing called a bridle and that made it a little bit easier.  Then they put a saddle on the horse and made it even better to ride long distances, but you can also drive around in a Maserati or a Lamborghini which involves at least someone knowing something a bit more technical, or a bit more complicated, or a bit more fitted together in a proper manner than just going out and jumping on a horse.

Maserati Sebring

Maserati Sebring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem that we see and that we’re committed to do all we can to repair is that people who want freedom, who want liberty, who want an opportunity to express themselves, to fulfil their destiny, to see all of their potential being utilised and so forth …  That’s a wonderful thing, we all want that.  There’s no doubt about it, but the question is ‘Do we just jump on the horse and ride or do we design a system that will accomplish a society in which we can get on better.  When it rains we won’t get wet; if it’s cold we can turn the heater on, and that system has been devised and it works fairly well for those who know how to work it, and that of course there is the rub … those who know how to work it.


Much of what we have here in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand started over there in England, and it’s a good system, and it’s been improved upon, but my profession, either negligently or intentionally then has kept the KEYS OF KNOWLEDGE about that system from the people.  So there you are, you’re standing next to a Lamborghini and you don’t have the keys to the Lamborghini, so all you can do is jump on the horse and hope for the best.  Those who have the KEYS to the Lamborghini are going to continue to enjoy benefits that people in the so-called Patriot community or the freedom movement are never going to fully realise, or even KNOW ABOUT.

The word nescience comes to mind. Nescience being the quality of NOT KNOWING WHAT I DON’T KNOW.    We have a lot of people who want freedom.  They want reform yet they don’t understand … they don’t have the KEY which is KNOWLEDGE, and if we can give them the KEY then instead of jumping up on the back of that horse bareback and trying to steer it to where they want it wherever they want to go, they can OPEN THE DOOR to the Lamborghini or the Maserati, or whatever it is that is mechanically put together in a way that is there to serve the NEEDS of the people in a more efficient and truly in a FAIRER way, than to just have everybody out haphazardly yelling and screaming and complaining about ‘my rights have been violated’, ‘somebody ought to do something’, blah, blah, blah … and it’s not helping.

English: education

Education is the answer, and it’s NEVER BEEN PROMOTED.  We actually have some people right now that are trying to gather the money to fund our JUSTICE magazine, so we’re working for that.  We created a Foundation called the Justice Foundation which is not about America’s justice system, but about American Justice you see, which is really a good thing, but because people are misled, I believe, and from their anger, and their anger I think stems from feeling disenfranchised; feeling like well, it’s not my court system, it belongs to the lawyers, it belongs to the judges, it belongs to the solicitors when in fact it belongs to us.  It’s been paid for by the blood and sacrifice of already too many millions of people and I think perhaps this is the generation that will stand up and say “we’ve had enough of your HIDING THE KEYS from us, and we have gotten an inkling from Jurisdictionary® and American Justice Foundation and hopefully very soon, Justice Magazine, to understand that what you’ve hidden from us is easy enough for our children to understand and so now we are going to TAKE THE KEYS of KNOWLEDGE AWAY FROM YOU and we are going to begin around the world to run our lives and then have that freedom that we want, enjoy that patriot sense of belonging to our culture and to the time.  THIS IS OUR TIME. 

Ben Lowrey:  Yeah, wow.  So if I could put that into my own words so I can understand it, are you saying that there’s a perfectly good court system right there for us, and if we would just learn how to use it, and just learn the court procedures and processes of how the lawsuit works then all these people who feel frustrated could get their remedy with just a little … well, that’s what Jurisdictionary® provides.  Am I right?

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Well Ben yes, but let’s define our terms.  Many people and I think correctly, when they think of the system they think of all the crooked lawyers, crooked barristers and solicitors and people with padded wigs and they include those people in the word SYSTEM.

Book Cover

I’ve decided for my own vernacular to equate the word SYSTEM with the SET OF RULES that are really quite SIMPLE, you see.    And what actually happens when people go to court and both are represented by an attorney it really becomes more of a battle to see who can PLAY THE GAME.  Who is best able to use those rules to win, keep the other fellow’s evidence out and get their evidence in you see, and to properly examine the witness, and to object in a way that lets the court know that if the court rules against them that they are going to have an opportunity to successfully appeal.  You see if we use the word SYSTEM that way, then we have to understand that 1) it is THE SYSTEM.  We’re probably not going to be to change it in our lifetime at least without understanding it.  It’s hard to change something you don’t understand.  How can you complain about a SYSTEM you don’t understand?  So at least, if we want to change it the system, remember when I used the word ‘ITS THE RULES’, even if we want to change the RULES, we have to know the RULES  to change them or else we’re meddling with something that really shouldn’t be meddled with people who don’t know what they’re doing.  There’s a danger in that.

So yes, now whether every good person is going to get a REMEDY, that remains to be seen, but I think we can confidently conclude that those who know the rules, those who know how to use the system will certainly have a multiplied opportunity to get that JUSTICE and to get that hope from the State that they justly deserve.

Ben Lowrey:  Yes, ahm.  There’s a lot of people … there’s a lot of talk on the internet about how there’s a difference between you know, a CITIZEN, whereby the rules of society and the statutes apply to CITIZENS, but don’t necessarily apply to the people, kind of thing.  What do you have to say about that?

Dr Graves of Jurisdictionary®:   Well, I hesitate to say anything because I think for some people this has become a religion for some people.   I became … I was giving a talk one time and just mentioned something slightly critical about a particular religion, and oh my goodness everyone … GASP … GASP … everyone oh my goodness; but I think a lot of people in these various movements have something of a religious fervour and ethnicity if you will that they identify with their idea about things.


Sometimes it seems like back in the day we used to say we were going to try to find out the problem is, we’d say, well FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Another way to say that is FOLLOW THE MOTIVE.

So we look at these people who want to try to find a difference between a CITIZEN and a PERSON and well I ask sometimes I wonder what they’re motive is, and I’ve found in the fourteen years since we started Jurisdictionary® that a disproportionate majority of people who seem to have these various, what I call peculiar theories and ideas, are motivated by a desire to escape the consequence of the law of the land.  The fact is here we are, you see.

I have a drivers licence, I only have to renew it I think every six years.  I think it cost $12 or something.  It’s not a big deal.  My picture’s on it.  I don’t feel my privacy has been INVADED, I don’t feel like I’ve been deprived of anything.  I have a licence plate.  It’s on my vehicles.  I pay property taxes and as I talk to you today Ben, and by the grace of our loving God I can look out my window and I see the broad expanse of the north fork of the St Lucy (sp?) River and I see my little sailboat at the dock and you know, I don’t feel threatened.  I don’t feel like the government is going to come in with storm troopers and break down my front door and take me away. 

I DO THINK however that IF the people are not fairly quickly educated and learn how to control some of these people that are out of control in our government, that there is going to be a substantial amount of violence, but it isn’t going to come from the government so much as the people themselves who have had enough, and it’s unfortunate because if we could only get the people themselves to take responsibility to LEARN HOW TO CONTROL their government, to use the third branch of government which is the Judiciary I think we could fix things, and I think we could DO IT VERY QUICKLY , but like everything else in this world it takes getting the word out, and getting the word out costs a lot of money.  We’re doing the best we can to try to promote this business to make more money to get the word out … but WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE THE PEOPLE PERISH, and that has nothing to do with ethnicity, or national boundaries, or even a particular age in the history of mankind.  It’s just TRUE.  When the people lack knowledge then they become vassals and servants, and the fellow with the club gets to rule. 

america in a nutshell / they're all nuts

I don’t think that’s our goal, I don’ think it’s the goal of the English system.  It’s certainly not the goal of the American SYSTEM, or the Canadian, or the Australian system.  I think that people everywhere want to enjoy FREEDOM, but you can’t have FREEDOM when you continue to see yourself as an ISLAND.  Who was it that wrote that poem, you know … “ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS”  and “SEE NO MAN AS AN ISLAND ENTIRE UNTO HIMSELF”.  We are a part of society, and I think society in general has become REBELLIOUS in the developed countries, and we’re not … you know … we’re too much thinking that someone has a BOOT on our neck, and perhaps not being thankful enough for what we do have.

You know, I can get in my vehicle, I can drive about two miles, I can buy groceries, I can come home and make my groceries.  I can sit here and look out at the river.  You know for years I lived in a very small house and just happened to move here last year, but I’m 68 years old … I’ve SAVED.  And there’s another point you see … I had this opportunity … …. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth from my grandfather, or father, or rich uncle didn’t give me anything.  All I had was an opportunity because of the SYSTEM to work hard, to try to deal honestly with people.  I haven’t always succeeded at that 100% but for the most part, and because of this wonderful SYSTEM that so many people have DIED FOR, I believe everybody has an OPPORTUNITY … EVERYBODY has that OPPORTUNITY, but maybe there are a lot of people who are playing a disparaging TRUMPET.


Maybe part of our DUTY is try to play the ENCOURAGING TRUMPET and let everybody know THIS IS YOUR SYSTEM.  This is YOUR SOCIETY.  This thing does WORK.  The problem is we have ALLOWED the LEGAL PROFESSION to HIDE THE SECRETS from us and we can just get more and more people to realise after all the SECRETS are not … it’s NOT DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS. 

Ben Lowrey:  Ahm … and that’s what Jurisdictionary® does

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Yes, and quite successfully apparently because people call … Two people called me yesterday just to say thank you.  They didn’t want anything … “I just wanted to thank you” is what they said.  So … but that two people needs to be two thousand people per day and we need to get his word out.  We need to get the information into schools, we need to have lobbyists, paid lobbyists in the legislature (steer?) and ahm, in parliament over there, and we need to get the government to realise that it’s in the government’s best interests to have an informed populace.  You know, if they’re worried about us rising up in rebellion then they ought to be doing everything they can to educate us instead of HIDING it.

Ben Lowrey:  Ahm, yes … and would you … tell us some of the ways Jurisdictionary® could help someone, or tell us some of the things that people are missing out on by not … having Jurisdictionary®.  Give us a little bit of an overview of what it is?

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Well, alright.  It all started Ben many years ago I had a friend.  His name was also Frederick … Frederick W. Redding(sp?).  He passed away a couple of years ago.  I MISS HIM.  I guess it was 1996.  He said Frederick you have to get a website, and I said “Well Fred, I just … what’s a website for?”  He said well people are going to be using website, they are going to be buying everything on a website, and I said “Well that make any sense.  I want to buy some socks I’ll go to the store, I want to buy shores I want to try them on, and he said “you wait, just get one”.  And I had this word that came to me years ago, Jurisdictionary®, so I said, “okay, just for fun we’ll do this Jurisdictionary® thing. 

Well, interestingly about the same time I was about to prepare a MOTION, and I’d been practicing for ten years (I’ve been practicing now for 25 years altogether) and I remember sitting down and I started out something … it’s boiler-plate, comes down to the “… the undersigned Attorney moves this honourable court to enter an order pursuant to Rule …” and I couldn’t remember the number of the rule.  Was it 1.380 or was it 1.379.  I didn’t know so I grabbed my rule book which is almost as thick as the New York Phone Directory, and yet I realised Ben that only the first forty or fifty pages of the rule book had I ever touched in all those years.  And a LIGHT CAME ON, and I said “My gosh, I went to Law School for three years, practiced law for ten years and been in somewhat of a muddle at various times and now I realised that out of all those ten years I’d used only those very few pages here.  It’s about 14 or 15 pages of the RULES OF EVIDENCE, and 30 pages of the RULES OF PROCEDURE, and in ten years … I hadn’t used the rest of the book.

And it dawned on me that maybe this was something that I could teach people and we’ve now come to the conclusion, and people tell us this all the time, that an eighth grader can understand this.  It’s not complicated.  It’s very very simple … you know, you don’t need to learn a lot of Latin phrases, but Latin phrases aren’t difficult.  “Res ipsa loquitar” means “the thing speaks for itself”.   You know, the thing speaks for itself.  So just because it has a Latin word doesn’t mean we can’t understand it.

Nuts and Bolts

There’s a process:  COMPLAINT, ANSWER, TRIAL.  There’s a Complaint, then three ways to AVOID the Complaint, the three MOTIONS we call the Flurry of MOTIONS (Motion to Dismiss, Motion to Strike, and Motion for a More Definite Statement).  That all the law … there’s only three.  There’s not too many to remember.  You know, with just a little bit of effort, you know, you might have to spend half an hour to learn the nuts and bolts and then there are five ways to get evidence into the record before the trial.  Five, only five, not 123 that have to be memorized, but only five.  I don’t think five is too many for children to remember, maybe an eighth grader.  That’s a Request for Admissions, Request for Production, Request for Interrogatories, Depositions and what we call Subpoena Power where you get an Order from the Court to force someone to appear or to order the Sherriff to break the padlock on a warehouse to let us go in and inspect it.

So you have those tools, and then when you go to a hearing or you go to a trial, you can cross-examine witnesses, and you can present the witness with documents and you can turn documents over to the court and so forth.  Now what I’ve just explained to you in about 120 seconds is really all there is to it.  So once you understand those fundamental elements and how they fit together, it reminds me as a seventh grader when I learned how to play CHESS.  I thought I learned how to play chess, but what I actually learned was a handful of RULES  for CHESS.  So we were all excited, oh so the Bishop moves on the diagonal … now I know how to play CHESS.

Chess 1

So where Jurisdictionary® goes beyond the rules is we’ve shown you how to use the rules.  I don’t know if you’ve ever played CHESS … I don’t play it very well  ……… there’s ways to use the rules … but it’s not like there’s 4000 rules you need to learn, you see, you only need to LEARN a handful of very FUNDAMENTAL things that ANY person of AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE can learn.  You could probably teach it to a third grader if you could get the third grader to sit still long enough, I think within a space of a few weeks, maybe a half hour at a time, you could teach a third grader how to handle a lawsuit.  But nobody has ever seen it that way I guess … or nobody that’s gone to law school and practiced law long enough has ever had a MOTIVE.

… AND … I … HAVE … A … MOTIVE …!!!

I want to see CHANGE … I want to see people have FREEDOM … I want to see people HAPPY … I want to see people THINKING of themselves as part of a GREATER SOCIETY that REALLY is a pretty wonderful thing.

Ben Lowrey:  Yeah, it’s quite inspiring from that perspective isn’t it?

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Well it is, and kind of what’s wonderful is you know, I only DISCOVERED it, I didn’t create it.  It was created by some pretty wonderful people, you know, that some of them may have from time to time have had selfish motives, but by and large in the main, this SYSTEM, this JUDICIAL SYSTEM you see is for the PEOPLE and we can CONTROL it if we KNOW HOW to control it, but if we continue to think we can just jump up on the back of a saddle-less horse and that will get us to our destination, well good luck to those who insist on doing that and who REFUSE TO LEARN, but so long as they REFUSE to learn then they will continue to find opportunity to cry in their beer.

Ben Lowrey:  Yeah, that makes perfect sense.  Do you get people regularly contacting you about success stories they’ve had using your system?

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Well yes, here’s one I just pulled up from an email newsletter we send out.  These are FREE by the way.  You can sign up to get the free tips and tactics and the FREE LAWSUIT FLOWCHART.  Here’s one from Ronaldo of Illinois, and these are all real people:

I won an $11,000 lawsuit and defeated a credit card bank using the methods in your Jurisdictionary Course.  I was amazed at how easy it is to understand.  It gave me confidence and on 12 May 2011 I won and the Bank’s case was dismissed WITH PREJUDICE.  Your course is great.  Thank you for making a great course.  I got back much more than the cost of it.  I understand about the Judicial System.  I am now confident.  I got back my dignity.  God bless you

Ben Lowrey:  Wonderful.

Emory - 10" tall - traditional humpback style

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  And there are bunches of these (testimonials)… bunches of these; but the THING is these are people who were willing to set aside a weekend, no more … but a weekend to go through the course, the five hour video, the two and a half hour tutorials.  And that fellow went through it, and when he went to court NO-ONE was PULLING THE WOOL over HIS eyes.  You know, I suppose … I don’t know Ronaldo or what he does for a living, but I suspect he’s not a rocket scientist … he’s probably just an ordinary guy.

Ben Lowrey:  He didn’t need an attorney.  He was there representing himself with the knowledge he learned from Jurisdictionary®?

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:   Right.  Here’s one.  “Won Unemployment Benefits hearing on my own.  Without your Jurisdictionary® training I would not have been effective.  The course paid for itself, the course is a blessing”  That’s Ben from Los Angeles.

Portrait of Adolf Hitler, post-processed for u...

Here’s another one, John from Phoenix, Alabama:  “I’ve been using your program for four years and I’ve won every case.  Keep up the amazing work”.  The point being is that these are people who are willing to take responsibility Ben, and that for us is the BIGGEST hurdle we have to overcome is to get people to … because people want someone, you know … people want … they want a free lunch.  And that’ unfortunately part of the NATURE of the human animal that has HISTORICALLY given people like STALIN and HITLER you see, an opportunity to rule with an iron hand because they make these PROMISES to the people, which ultimately they don’t keep, and the people being gullible, they want it the EASY way. 

All we’re ASKING them to do is to take ONE weekend, and then of course some wealthy people who hear what we’re saying today and contact us so that we can put lobbyists in the legislature and in parliament, and the SCHOOL SYSTEM which we’re PAYING for with taxes, to teach these FUNDAMENTALS OF JUSTICE and make the world a better place.  I have no doubt that it will in fact make the world a better place VIRTUALLY OVERNIGHT.

Ben Lowrey:  Yeah, wow.  Very inspiring.  Would you tell us a little bit more about JUSTICE magazine you mentioned it?

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Well yes, it’s pretty amazing.  I guess it’s been three years now.  This process of getting a TRADEMARK is time consuming, but about three years ago my wife and I were travelling, and it came to mind that we couldn’t ever remember seeing a magazine called JUSTICE … and we thought “goodness, of all the things that seem to interest people, JUSTICE does seem to have a GRIP on people’s THINKING...”, and we’ve been watching a BRITISH serial called “A Touch of Frost”.  I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any of those?  People like that.  People want to UNDERSTAND how the system works, and over here (in America) we have “Law and Order” and various programs that have court scenes and so forth.

Ben Lowrey:  Judge Judy?  (laughter)

Magazines, Connaught Place

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  Well I make an exception … it’s not really a good Court (laughter) … but you see people have an interest in it, so we thought “… well, surely there must already be a magazine?  Surely there couldn’t be an opportunity for us there?”  So we looked into it, and we couldn’t find anything so I contacted our trademark attorney who trademarked Jurisdictionary® for us, and I said, “Eric, can you find if there is an opportunity for us to have the word JUSTICE for a magazine, periodical or newsletter?” and he said … he came back and said “… it’s available”.  So I said … and we paid him the money and in March of this year (2011) I received the certificate with its gold seal, that says we own the word, and so, we have been talking with some people.  No-one has come forward with the money yet but several people in the wings have been saying … in the wings, and just one person called the other day … two days ago … and said I should have the money within the month … We’ll see … but we want to launch a print magazine and a sister interactive website justicemagazine.com … in fact we’d paid money for that too but in fact I bought it from somebody in England who had the name justicemagazine.com

So again the idea is … people are interested in this and not to make it something dry and wordy … but something people will pick up for entertainment.  Something that has some jokes in it, some cartoons, maybe a fiction piece, or maybe a fiction serial piece, and maybe we could have some famous author write us a novel in instalments with cartoons.

For example, am I paying too much child support? – see page 28.  There would be an article in there that would help people understand about child support, you know, just for example.  But there’s nothing like that out there.  Also NEWS – what’s happening in the Supreme Court, what happened in the District Courts of Appeal, what’s going on … how is our law changing?  You know, why are our EXECUTIVE BRANCH getting away with things that maybe they shouldn’t get away with?  What’s it all about?

Now you can get information about these things from a newspaper, or maybe a NEWS MAGAZINE, but you won’t see it from the perspective of INSIDE THE LAW.  How does it work – why does it work this way?  The newspaper just reports what’s happening, they don’t explain it, so we’re going to explain it in an entertaining and interesting, informative empowering way.  We believe the magazines will fly off the shelves.  The publisher – we’ll work with an established publisher – we’re not going to try to bootstrap this thing and we believe the magazines will fly off the shelves and the magazine will PROMOTE the website.  ….

 Discussion followed about this – edited out.

English: Title page of the Constitution of the...

English: Title page of the Constitution of the Year X (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:  If we have just a moment, I’d like to try to make one point clear.  Many people talk about the Constitution.  You know every nation has a constitution, here in the (United) States each State has a Constitution, and a lot of people seem to think that all of your rights come from the Constitutions, when in fact, SURPRISINGLY, for all those people listening right now, most of our rights come from the Courts of Equity from England.  Even here in the (United) States, we have COMMON LAW RIGHTS which are rights which were DERIVED from DECISIONS from COURTS.  So you see, the Constitution says nothing about the right to contract, you see.  The constitution says nothing about your right to sue somebody if they drive your automobile into your back yard.  It doesn’t talk about that.  But we have COMMON LAW RIGHTS, the right not to be slandered, you see.  These are rights the constitution doesn’t talk about them, and in fact here in the (United) States I try to emphasise with people is that the constitution talks about this magic thing called DUE PROCESS … but it doesn’t tell us what it is.  What is DUE PROCESS?  And the answer is that SET OF RULES that a child can learn in a single week.  That’s what due process is.  When you know what DUE PROCESS is, and you know how to use the RULES, now you can begin to not only enforce your constitutional rights and enjoy them, but also to enforce and enjoy all of your common law and statutory rights as well.

The KEY is DUE PROCESS, which is nothing more than a SET OF RULES that are not complicated, are not lengthy, are not voluminous, and can be understood by anyone who wants to make an effort in a single weekend.

Ben Lowrey:  If you don’t mind, would you mind just expanding a little bit more of what you meant … Many people like me, you know, we try to understand what common law is and what equity is.  Would you just give us a little bit more about that – just expand a little?

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:     Well the little bit I understand is that back in the day before the United States began its venture, the King had his Courts, and they were Courts of Law, and the Church had its Courts, the Courts of Chancery.  So you have things such as the King’s law had much to do with CRIMES you see, so if you stole or killed someone you were dragged out and hung (ha ha).  But there were other things, other rights and regulations that were the Kings Law so we had a COURT OF LAW.  But then you had the COURT OF EQUITY.  We had, for an example, an opportunity to RESCIND A CONTRACT – that’s an EQUITABLE REMEDY to rescind a contract – to obtain an INJUNCTION – to stop someone from doing something is an equitable remedy.

Let me just bring it up on my computer – E for EQUITY:  Equity is the soul of justice. It is its heart. It is the goodness that justice works for. It is the goal for which all good men and women strive. It is the sum and substance of due process and gives wisdom to the Rule of Law. Black’s Law Dictionary (2nd Edition, 1910) puts it best. “Equity is the spirit and habit of fairness, justness, and right-dealing which should regulate the interactions of men and women — the rule of doing unto others as we desire them to do to us. As expressed by Justinian, equity is ‘to live honestly, to harm nobody, and to render to everyone what’s due.’ It is therefore the synonym of natural right or justice. It is grounded in precepts of the conscience, not in any sanction of written law.” Equity derives from the same root word as “equal” and thus is the guide that always points our legal systems toward that path whereon all stand before the law and its courts without preference. Each of us is entitled to our day in court, entitled to be heard, entitled to receive every protection the state affords to others. This is what equity demands. Equity appears where love and wisdom dispense justice together. May all of us purpose in our hearts to work tirelessly for that day when equity is more perfectly obeyed in all our courts — and justice is truly secured for the benefit of all.

Conspiracy Encyclopedia

So LAW is not widely understood and we have constitutions seek equity  while regulation serves expedience.  What we need to be doing is to work so our law of statutory governments obeys the rules of equity.  But a court of equity that is sitting is a court that is empowered by the constitution, State of Federal, to enter rulings that are equitable remedies such as the decision or an injunction, that sort of thing, whereas a COURT OF LAW, in the civil side, is usually empanelled to grant money damages to an injured individual.  It’s not any more complicated than that, but a lot of people that I’ve noticed over the years since we started this thing … since they don’t understand, they think there’s some sort of mysterious man behind the curtain, oh my oh my, or there must be some sort of CONSPIRACY, and there isn’t … the conspiracy is simply that when you turn off the light to go to bed at night the room WILL FILL WITH DARKENESS, and when the people themselves or an entire society are DEPRIVED OF THE TRUTH by a profession about which there are more invidious jokes than all the rest of the professions put together, it’s time that the people themselves stood up and said WE’VE HAD ENOUGH.  It’s time for us to learn the secrets to put a stop to what they’ve been doing for the past six thousand years.

Ben Lowrey:  Wow, it’s really great to hear you explain it … I mean just that definition of EQUITY is enough to send chills down your spine really.  It’s really a great thing when, you know, when you look at it like that …

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:     Well, you know I think that if there was nothing else I could hope that people could take away listening to our little chat today, it would be that WISDOM is certainly something that all of us need more of.  I want more of it, I beg for it, but wisdom … as the Bible says … wisdom cryeth in the streets … let me put it this way.  Solomon said “Wisdom is the principal thing therefore GET WISDOM, but in all thy getting, get understanding”.  Understanding comes from … you can’t have understanding without knowledge and we have people who are suffering and who are angry.  They feel disenfranchised.  You can certainly understand WHY they feel the way they do.  It’s perfectly LOGICAL for them to feel the way they do, but as you say, since the INTERNET has come along, and since the INFORMATION  HIGHWAY makes it so simple for anyone who wants to put in the effort and dispel the darkness when it comes to the law and justice.  I have to say I think these people no longer have an excuse.  Forty years ago yes, to walk into a Law Library as the ONLY resource for finding our what your RIGHTS were with regard to some particular area of legislation or common law was daunting, and I mean that’s AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

From the thousands of books available … which one do you go for … now with the touch of a few keys on my keyboard I can go to various sites, I can type in dog-bite … in a legal research site and find all sorts of cases in my jurisdiction that will help me to understand what the law is, what’s the common law, where have the courts taken this with regard to what are my rights about being bitten by a dog if he was or wasn’t on a leash, because I will find in an instant ALL these cases that have the phrase ‘dog-bite’ within eight words of the word ‘leash’, and that never existed before what, a decade ago.


King James Bible

Again the challenge is, will the people assist themselves with this opportunity (of Jurisdictionary®).  Will they take a weekend?  Will they teach their children?  Will they demand that their school systems teach JUSTICE – The PRINCIPLES of JUSTICE?   Will they do that?  Will we get the funding we want for JUSTICE MAGAZINE, will we get the money we need for the non-profit trust America Justice Foundation to get lobbyists in the legislature?  Will that happen?  I don’t know.  I believe it will.  I pray for it.  Time will tell.

Ben Lowrey:  Wow, okay thanks.  I’d like to encourage everybody to go to Jurisdictionary® and get on the mailing list at least so we can stay updated about the Justice Magazine.  I don’t know what to say except thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview today. 

Dr Frederick D. Graves of Jurisdictionary®:     Well thank you, you’re very kind.



11 thoughts on “Home

  1. ……………………


    Focus: Humanity as a Whole-Mind Truth Awakening.
    (Part of a universal World Freedom occurrence.)

    My name is John A. Lennon. I am an ex-prisoner of ill health and corporate mind-control programs, one of many millions of victims who have escaped and now able to help widen the escape route for other prisoners of corporate deceptions and consumer mind control technology. There are billions of ‘mind-imprisoned’ people being denied their true natural sovereign rights as individual humans.

    Forty years ago, who would have thought that we could all be parts of Human Resource Management organizations, whose waste products include millions of damaged people and vast amounts of non-returnable natural resources.

    With ‘expert’ forecasts of worse to come and developing circumstances already changing our lives, the general meaning of sacrifice has already been upgraded to greater levels of life destroying deception agendas, such as ‘Agenda 21’.

    If our prime interests as highly dependent existence stakeholders are ever to be based on a solid foundation of life-enhancing knowledge and healthy self-managed intentions, we would need to use a practical catalyst-of-change which is simple, comprehensive and universal to all people.

    Rather than wars and irreversible toxic waste as reasons for change, it could be that the most appropriate catalyst to stop the rot is none other than a Global Census of Ego- Intent, being a simple universal means of relating to how populations are being trained to think and act in harmful ways.

    A Census of Ego-Intent is a very simple and practical way for every one of Earth’s citizens to declare what they truly support, whether it be more destruction or a new World without war, corruption and fear. A truly universally way of using appropriate action with individuals and whole populations whose minds are being controlled and maintained by specific corporate mind-manipulation and toxic poisoning agendas.

    If you have already escaped or have a desire to escape from corporate harm, then this System-accountable life-security information is for you and the people you care for.
    Please contact me for more info.

    John A. Lennon World Freedom Activist

  2. Very interesting stuff here, fits with what I have been thinking for a while. The people are waking up to the NWO and it may not be too late. It is hard to know what is true and real and what is not. This site, this book may be the answer.

  3. I am very appreciative of the reference to your very informative site.
    I also say that from the bottom of my heart, as I am a 20 year veteran of the “Guardianship” Regime in Queensland.
    I have started a facebook page to try and educate the masses of the human rights abuses carried out daily via the Queensland Civil and Administrators Tribunal for the benefit of “The Public Trustee”..
    I would also like if I may ask for your help.

    We are as mentioned about exposing the Public Trustee and the Guardianship regime.
    Families are being robbed and destroyed.
    People are suffering and even after my exhaustion of the likes of:
    Appeals at the GAAT now QCAT
    Law Reform Commission
    Australian Human Rights Commission
    Public Advocate
    United Nations
    Crimes and Misconduct Commission
    AJIJ Monash University
    Queensland’s Premier
    One Nation (I know,but…)
    So after some more time researching I managed to make acquaintance with a like minded fellow, the first to have ‘schooled’, me. As he has taken it just a little further..
    We are now in contact with the “International Crimes Commission”.

    Although that may offer some hope, I have learnt not to depend.
    So thank you for reading thus far..
    If any one has any information to assist our cause, helping and relieving the vulnerable from SYSTEMATIC DAILY ABUSE FROM THE PEOPLE WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT US, PLEASE SHARE.
    I will be forever grateful..

    Pauly Be


    • Thanks Pauly Be. No consent goes a long way. Make that very clear from the outset. Objections given give grounds for Appeals. I would recommend you purchase an Australian Butterworths Legal Dictionary and also Blacks Law Dictionaries. You’ll notice that when you compare, for instance, first, fourth and ninth editions that the meanings of words have changed, which is very Orwellian. Use whatever edition suits your purpose. Contract law is supreme, so get yourself a secondhand copy of The Principles of Contract Law. Equity courts are the highest court. If you send me your email address and region I’ll privately email you and put you in touch with someone who teaches private law seminars. Cheers

      • Your time and wisdom are, firstly so very sincerely appreciated.
        Secondly, will help to arm our lil motley crue of misfits with what has been denied for so long by the likes of the Human Rights Commission etc.
        As you no doubt are aware, there are a lot of people yet to see the reality.
        Your help for me, will be prevalent with for all to see, with the reform that we are committed to achieve.
        For that I thank you..

  4. Thank you. Do you live in South East Qld or Northern NSW, or Sydney or Melbourne? Yes/No

    If so, yes I can pass your email on, but if you live elsewhere I’m not sure how much further afield this presenter goes, and you may have to do research to find another private workshop.

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