Lawsuit for Radiation Burns

Have you suffered a CT scan overdose?  CT Scan Patients have been harmed by over-radiation.  On August 1, 2010, The NY TIMES broke the story, but this has been going on for years. Were you injured by a CT Scan?

According to the Times, “When Alain Reyes’s hair suddenly fell out in a freakish band circling his head, he was not the only one worried about his health. Did this happen to you? Were you burned by a CT SCAN?

A circular pattern of hair loss ringing around the back or side of the head is a telltale sign that you have received an overdose of radiation from a CT Scan. According to recent research into this, you may have received 10x as much radiation as you should have, and 2000x as much as an x-ray delivers. That is a lot of radiation.

If any of the following symptoms describe what happened to you, you may have been given an excessive dose of radiation.  Did you or a family member suffer serious injuries, hair loss, headaches, memory loss, confusion after a CT Scan? If the answer is yes, take action now and contact Anapol Schwartz personal injury law firm with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia.  Read more …

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