Where did it all go wrong? Roll up for the financial crisis tour

English: London collage.

Reported in the Guardian online newspaper 5 August 2012.  The caption reads:

A political safari of the City of London where experts explain it all went wrong?  Tom Meltzer finds it fascinating – and comes away with a bit more sympathy for bankers“.

So which City of London are they referring to?  The complete geographical area of London which includes the Olympic Games, or the 1km financial capital, the City of London with the Dragon Seal (see Book of Revelations – one of the seven Seals)?

Are the poor bankers telling every one of their suffering?  Oh poor dears.  The tour-guide looks like a umemployed banker.  Must be reading from a well rehearsed script!.  Funny that.  LOL ha ha ha 🙂

In a recent online tour I took myself, the only thing I wanted to do to help the bankers was to put them in jail.  I’m with Max Keiser on this one.

Isn’t propaganda grand !?

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