Australia’s Tweed Shire Council Exposed

Gold Coast City

Corruption in the Tweed Shire Council !?  Read this document to find how the Tweed Local Council are spending ratepayers money on lawsuits, many which they have lost.  Read how developments have been approved in known flood zones, and why the Light Rail should not be something that is funded by the ratepayer.  Further councils are not able to:

  • Act as a government and impose taxation
  • Act as lawmakers and impose fines
  • Act as a property valuer or property agents
  • Act as a business or enterprise
  • Act as investment bodies for the ratepayers

Join other ratepayers by legally boycotting your rates – current lawsuit in the District Court – Jeffree v Gold Coast City Council.  Print this flyer by the Commonwealth Alliance (the voice of the people) and distribute widely.  Print this pro-forma letter to send to your local council.

Not sure?  This letter from the Attorney-General confirms that the Australian Constitution does not recognize local government, and every motion to have Local Government recognized in the Australian Constitution has failed in every referendum ever put to the people.

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