GFC: The beginning of the end for Germany?

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The statement below came through to me via my contacts.  It’s from an Australian who lives in Germany.  Is this the beginning of the end of the crisis?  My answer to that would be that the current crisis as it stands would end, but the new paradigm of financial control would be far far worse.  The following will give you an example of what to expect from a fascist government.

However I disagree with the writer on the point that Germany is still under occupation.  If Germany MUST do this then it is being directed from forces located elsewhere.  Could this be Switzerland, since the Nazi’s were flying the Swiss Flag on their tanks when they invaded Poland in 1939?  Either that or the Nazi’s have regained control of Germany?  However if this is true why is America the aggressor.  Answer could only be that the Nazi web of subterfuge now also controls the Manchurian candidate Obama, and/or the Nazi’s control the United Nations and/or Nato since Panetta has admitted to Congress that the US military takes its orders from the UN and Nato and not from Congress.

My contact here says your solution is in learning how to issue Promissory Notes or Bills of Exchange to save your homes!

Watch and pray for Syria, because the Nazi’s or Illuminati or whoever they are, are trying to bring about WWIII.  For more watch and listen to Alex Jones of Infowars on Society is on the Verge of Collapse, together with the new threat to humanity, unmanned drones, unmanned submarines and the robotic takeover of humanity.  And you thought the movie Terminator: The Rise of the Machines was just science-fiction?

Nazi Germany test2

Nazi Germany test2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 I’m an Australian but live and pay taxes in Germany.  You cannot possibly not have heard of the ‘Financial crisis’ gripping Europe…..most of which is blamed on Greece. I dont believe Greece is the cause, I think the major Intl Banks together with their ‘Hedge-Funds‘ ‘Bad-Banks’ (with help from idiot Green and Socialist Pollies etc ) have deliberately caused it in order to introduce a centralised currency they can control.  Whatever ?

Lately the German Pollies have been pushing for a Fiscal-Union (Merge all European Banks & Accounts) into one Account, controlled by the European Parliament……BUT as we all know ALL Western European Nations are highly in debt (The Bankrupt eastern European country members are never mentioned)

SOOOOO ! The solution is……Germany MUST (MUST because Germany has, since 1945 been an occupied country with NO Peace Treaty signed and under rule of the Victor Nations) so Germany must now pour heaps more finances into the Fund…. BIG PROBLEM

Solution to that Problem now being pushed heavily here by the Lefties / Greens / Unions / SPD (Socialist Party) is to introduce a RICHES TAX (Vermögenssteuer) Every Person in Germany with a total-Vermögen (Worth) of €250.000 or more will be forced to pay a 10% Tax on his total-worth for the next TEN YEARS.

So !! If your House is worth ….say €300.000 you’ll be forced to pay €30.000 tax a year on it….over 10 years thats €300.000 YOUR HOUSE IS GONE !! AND if you cannot afford the €30.000 tax on it, you will be forced to take out a BANK LOAN on your house !

What if your home is worth a lot more OR you own a business building, OR you inherited some money ???? Can you imagine how many business people or ‘Richies’ in Germany are going to pack their bags and leave.

The Parliamentary Elections are coming up here next year what if these CRAZIES get in ??? AND YOU THOUGHT JULIA GILLARD IS NUTS

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