On the Verge of … Communist Australia

Source:  Before It News

Orthotubes at the Australian Security Intellig...

Orthotubes at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Central Office in Canberra, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talk about a Government that believes that the Public will forget they are bullies if they show a soft fascia now.   Of course we know it is a false fascia, however, this Government has treated all Australians as if we were idiots for the past 4 years, so they will believe we are gullible enough to believe them.  Let’s look at what they have firmly in their sights:

THE federal government has moved to effectively stall implementation of a controversial expansion of internet surveillance and security powers until after the next election. This will be because they can’t afford another embarrassing defeat in Parliament before the next election.  National security bureaucrats have drafted legislation to implement the changes, but the Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, decided not to release the draft laws and instead referred a discussion paper to a parliamentary committee examining the issue.

Police Officer Breaking the Law

Police Officer Breaking the Law (Photo credit: Call To Adventure)The national security discussion paper, released last month by Ms Roxon, canvasses proposals for compulsory internet data retention, forcing people to give up computer passwords, streamlining telecommunications interception approvals, government regulation of telecommunications industry security standards, and enhanced stop-and-search powers for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.

The draft Legislation for radical changes to your privacy is ready and yet a National Security ‘DISCUSSION’ paper was only released last month and has been another matter kept quiet enough to ensure they don’t actually need to discuss anything with the public. Business as usual “Do as I Say”.  A senior national security official told the Herald yesterday that Ms Roxon’s decision to refer the proposals to the parliamentary joint committee for intelligence and security, and only consider the detail of legislation after that inquiry, would “most likely put all of this off until after the election”.

“These reforms are urgently needed to deal with a rapidly evolving security environment, but there isn’t much appetite within the government for anything that attracts controversy,” the official said.  The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, yesterday announced a long-delayed review of federal and state counter-terrorism laws introduced after the 2005 London terrorist bombings.

I have listed most of the changes this Draft Legislation wants to make, and can’t see any advantage unless you have a need to remove laws that make it illegal to plan a terrorist act or to plan a Coup against democracy (see Annex A). It is these changes that cause me a great disquiet as it has been these laws that have made this country safe.

These include significant changes to the laws on Treason, Sedition, Unlawful Association, Inciting Crime, Inciting violence, urging a person to assist the enemy, Urging interference in Parliamentary elections, Interfering with an election,Giving or soliciting contributions for unlawful associations, Giving or soliciting contributions for unlawful associations, Books etc. issued by unlawful association not transmissible by post.

And then we have concerns with the proposals relating to data retention and to the extension of surveillance powers into the social media realm.

These proposed changes, if implemented in their entirety, would appear to amount to a massive expansion of surveillance activity across the entire community, accompanied by a corresponding reduction in accountability for that surveillance activity, and are therefore a potentially significant threat to the civil liberties and privacy of all Australians.

It is of particular concern that with such a wide-ranging and potentially significant legislative reform, the community has been given a mere four weeks in which to digest the implications of the proposed changes and to make submissions to the Joint Committee. Especially as it is being kept as quiet as possible and the media are being reticent on this matter.  Judge for yourself, but please spread this as far as possible or this could be the very last election we will have in this country.

The Committee has extended the date for lodgement of submissions by two weeks. Interested persons and organisations are now invited to make submissions addressing the terms of reference by Monday, 20 August 2012.

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