Today Tonight pushes New World Order in Queensland

Tuesday 10 September 2013

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Last night (Monday 9th September 2013) Brisbane Channel 7’s show “Today Tonight” had a segment on the Queensland Plan, and while the announcer did not orally say the words, on the screen came the words “NEW WORLD ORDER”.  We just about fell over.

They are openly announcing it, but if you say anything about the New World Order you’re told you’re a conspiracy theorist.  So is Queensland the epicentre?  Certainly could be, since they’ve already managed to get rid of Queensland Parliament’s Upper House in 1922 and changed our Constitution fraudulently, thanks to Peter Beattie.  They have everything in place to secede from Australia, and the Courier Mail has already published plans to abolish the States in Australia.

This is not the first time this has been brought up either.  There was some talk of Queensland seceding from Australia around the end of the Joh Bjelke-Petersen and the Fitzgerald Enquiry, from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  This idea is not new.

The ICLEI initiative is the plan to regionalise its agenda, which is United Nations Agenda 21.  If you think that our views are important to the Queensland Plan Agenda, it is an illusion to placate you.  The ICLEI Agenda, which, lo and behold is centered in Germany, is a plan to control us absolutely, including what and how much we eat, and charging us for water because they are privatising this as well.  Look it up – its in the Futures Market.

So if you stupid lawyers, and young wannabe lawyers think this isn’t an attack on you personally, use your brain dummy.  You’ve probably already been injected with who knows what – mercury, live cancer viruses.  They don’t care about you either, and you better understand this, if there is no economy because it’s all RIGGED by PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS, and if there is tyranny (communism), there is no need for lawyers.  You’ll be out of a job, and severely out of luck.  So WAKE UP.

4 thoughts on “Today Tonight pushes New World Order in Queensland

  1. It gets worse – the BIS, central bank of the world’s central banks, is putting in place in each country, including Australia, NZ, legislation to legalise ‘bail-ins’ by the Too Big To Fail Banks ie the theft of our bank deposits, business and personal. Check out the CEC, Citizens Electoral Council website for details. The CEC are waking Australians up to demand their MP’s legislate a Glass-Steagall Act which will separate the commercial banks that do normal business and take our deposits, from the casino investment banks that use our deposits to gamble in derivatives etc. That would mean we keep our deposits and these gangster banksters go under instead.

    • Its not just a matter of ‘Queensland seceding from Australia, if you listen to independent MP for State level South Australia, she is exposing the intention of our main political parties to remove the level of State government altogether, to instead legalise into the constitution our local councils as a legitimate government which will then be controlled directly (it already is through ICLEI!) by the United Nations. Ann has observed the legislation introduced in South Australia. This is going on in all States. Our national government she says, is already a willing lackey of global government ie we have been sold out in a bipartisan manner by both major parties (and the Greens). Why do you think there was censorship of the term UN Agenda 21 during the electioneering. Go to and listen to great aussie Leon for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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