Queensland in Bodice’s Nazi Grip

This Is Nazi brutality

This Is Nazi brutality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another miserable creature crossed my path.

     10.10.2013 – Case against Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission,
which demanded that Peter Markam’s Claim against them to be struck out,
was heard by ‘judge’ David Bodice.
When Peter Markam quoted to him the provisions of various laws including Article 14 of
The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
(the right to be heard by the competent tribunal)
and he asked David Bodice for the evidence of his judicial competence
he gave the answer – ‘this is not going to happen‘.
Arrogance of a typical ‘homo brutanicus’. Openly declaring that there are
2 sets of laws – one for them and another one for the rest of us.
If they BREAK their own laws, then they INVALIDATE their laws and
they loose any legitimacy to expect other people to follow ‘laws’.

David Bodice is the ‘Jayant Patel‘ of Queensland Legal Industry –
involved in professional legal malpractice of the same type as
Patel – so called surgeon from Bundaberg hospital.
He does not have any credentials, qualifications, verifiable competence
BUT .. he got a job as a ‘judge’


                         SUPREME COURT OF QUEENSLAND

CA NUMBER:   9591/13

NUMBER :  4516/13

Plaintiff:    Peter Markan
Defendant: Crime and Misconduct Commission

                                            NOTICE OF APPEAL
To the respondent

And to the Registrar of Supreme Court of Queensland,

TAKE NOTICE that the appellant appeals to the Court of Appeal against the whole order by judge David Bodice
of Supreme Court of Queensland in favour of the Defendant application to strike out my Claim and Statement of Claim

1.      Date of Judgment: 10.10.2013

Description of Proceedings: Supreme Court NUMBER : 4516/13                  
Description of parties involved in the proceedings :

Plaintiff :    Peter Markan


Defendant:    Crime and Misconduct Commission

Name of Primary Court Judge:  David Bodice

Location of Primary Court:  SUPREME COURT OF QUEENSLAND

2.      GROUNDS –
The subject of my application to this Court relates to the issues of:
Ø  the lack of respect for the human rights in Queensland;
Ø  discrimination, vilification and racist attitude towards people who are not lawyers and not of anglo origin and who represent themselves in courts;
Ø  denial of the protection by law to those people;
Ø  treatment of those people by ‘public institutions’ and courts as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.

  1. I am demanding that my human rights are acknowledged and respected.
    Particularly, the provisions of Article 14 of  The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights –
    All persons shall be equal before the courts and tribunals. In the determination of any criminal charge against
    him, or of his rights and obligations in a suit at law, everyone shall be entitled to a fair and public hearing by
    a competent, independent and impartial tribunal established by law.’
  2. Mr David Bodice conducted the court hearing only as ‘de facto’ judge failing to provide
    the evidence of his judicial competency therefore not being the judge ‘de jure’.
  3. In  spite of being reminded about existence and validity of various laws –
    Mr David Bodice choose to break the law and become abuser of human rights.
  4. I am rejecting the ‘order’ made by Mr David Bodice during the hearing on 10.10.2013 as unlawful and illegal –
    as being blatant abuse of the International and Australian laws and in breach of my human rights.
  5. 2 questions I stated before judge Mr David Bodice remain unanswered
    do I have the right to the protection by law ?
    (as a non anglo and non lawyer)

does CMC has duty to protect me against organized crime ?
(me – as a non anglo and non lawyer)

  1. Mr David Bodice conduct highlights serious problems with administration of justice in Queensland:

Ø  Judiciary is the hub of racism – maintaining ‘colonial mentality’ through subtly disguised arrangements, reflected in attitudes and conduct, and resulting in the abuse and discrimination of people from non anglo background,
Ø Judiciary is the primary tool of hegemony of one ethnic group of people (‘anglos’) over other subjugated citizens of the State of non anglo background
Ø Judges are given so called ‘immunity’ permitting them to say any rubbish they choose without having legal responsibility for what they say,
Ø Due to ‘immunity’ judges openly and blatantly abuse human rights without fear of punishment,
Ø There is no effective community supervision of selection of judges, judicial conduct and their decisions,
Ø The feudal concepts of ‘masters’ and ‘slaves’ are maintained to enable protection of depravity within legal industry

  1. Mr David Bodice failed to comply with the provisions of law and is involved in the
    abuse of Australian Constitution, Queensland laws, The International Covenant on Civil and
    Political Rights and other internationally recognized legal standards
    He did not express any feeling of guilt or remorse.
  2. Mr David Bodice conducted the court hearing in discriminatory, disrespectful and racially abusive manner.
  3. Mr David Bodice is involved in the protection of criminal organisation – ‘Lawyers Mafia’.
  4. Mr David Bodice is involved in improper exercise of power, in the abuse of judicial discretion which
    has been exercised arbitrarily and capriciously and in bad faith. The abuse resulted in a manifest injustice.
  5. Mr David Bodice, through his conduct of disrespect for laws, lost his right to expect other people to obey
    the laws
  6. Mr David Bodice authoritarian conduct brings the administration of justice in Queensland into disrepute and
    has impact on the issue of integrity and respect for the law affecting Queensland legal system as the whole.

The Applicant requests the Supreme Court  to pronounce the ‘order’ by Mr David Bodice from 10.10.2013 in this matter (4516/13 ) as null and void – not having any legal consequences, the verdict set aside and order the new hearing.

–          The Applicant requests the Supreme Court to select truly competent arbiter, conforming to internationally recognized standards, to preside over the court hearing against ‘Crime and Misconduct Commission’.


Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                             Crime and Misconduct Commission                                                                                       Level 2, North Tower Green Square                                                                                         515 St Pauls Terrace                                                                                                               Fortitude Valley  Brisbane , Qld 4000


Description:    Applicant

Dated: 11.10.2013

This application is to be served on:
1.Chief Executive Officer

Crime and Misconduct Commission

2. David Bodice

Information about my battle with the devilish forces in barbaric Queensland

( with the copies of relevant documents ) is on
and some others .
( my opponents are using various tricks to hinder access to those sites,
Google helps by blocking search results )


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