Queensland Government: An Illegal One Party Dictatorship

English: Tony Fitzgerald, Corruption Commissioner

English: Tony Fitzgerald, Corruption Commissioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you Brisbane Times for publishing unedited the article by Tony Fitzgerald called “Power and the Inconvenience of Truth” and the article titled “Queensland Needs An Upper House” where the only two independent MP’s elected, Liz Cunningham (Member for Gladstone) and Independent member for Nicklin Peter Wellington called for the restoration of Queensland’s Upper House after they were sacked from the  Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee.  Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie prefers Crime and Misconduct acting Chair Ken Levy, a proven liar who will toe the party line.

While Tony Fitzgerald’s article was measured it still hit the mark, but let’s not mince words here, a unicameral government is a dictatorship.  It is a fact that in 1917 there was a Referendum to abolish the Upper House in Queensland which failed, yet in 1922 the Upper House was illegally removed.   QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Law School in 2012 could not and would not provide an answer on how Queensland’s Upper House was removed legally.  The lawyers/teachers should know if it was legal or not, and if they cover up the illegality, they are also an accessory-after-the-fact, and are guilty of sedition.

This is the illegality of the status quo, and the accepted illegality of the removal of the Upper House by every single sitting member of the Queensland parliament are continuing to commit a criminal offence, so that any member who sits (all of the LNP party) and does not demand a return to the original constitution of Queensland has committed sedition, the punishment of which used to call for a lynching in the town square.

However bringing back the Upper House is only part of the problem/solution.  Any discussion on Truth and Justice must address the courts modus operandi  There is absolutely no justice at all in Queensland when the courts operate in secret (family courts) and courts are serviced by one judge Star Chamber, who is often either biased, incompetent or on the take, particularly so if that judge is a freemason, or a member of some other illegal secret society (gang).

The V.L.A.D. the impaler laws (Vicious Lawless Associate Disestablishment Bill) should be applied across the defence force, the police, the judiciary and the parliament to remove and jail those who are gang members of secret societies such as Freemasons, Order of the Red Garter (Anna Bligh), Knights of Malta, Fabian Socialists (Kevin Rudd); and Jesuit Brotherhood (Quentin Bryce).  This would do a lot to clean up the system.

There have been so many blatant miscarriages of justice here in Queensland, it would take decades to right.  One of the problems is the controlled media who through influence and deep pockets can take out a political party such as One Nation and its individual politicians like Pauline Hansen.  Scott Balson was targeted for exposing the real news on the One Nation website such as the fact that Queensland had a known paedophile Bill D’Arcy still able to enact laws for Queensland while awaiting trial.  Watch Scott Balson’s story “Enemy of the State” on the state of Justice in Queensland on You Tube here (Part 1); (Part 2); (Part 3) and (Part 4).

Without unobstructed juries sitting in every court, both civil and criminal, there can be no justice.  The truth is that common law is trial by jury, and there are many excellent articles on the Democracy Defined Website that explain the term legem terrae and the power of the jury justice system, particularly the power of jury nullification.

In the United States of America a man by the name of James Baab is interviewed on WHDT9 by Gary Franchi titled “REPORT: Jury Rights Billboard Campaign Infuriates Prosecutors”.  organised enough money to be donated to run a series of billboard advertisements near the courts to tell juries of their right to jury nullification, as courts will often tell juries that they only have the power to judge the facts.  This is a lie, because the jury has the power to judge the law and the facts.  If the law is a stupid law that is not in the interests of the people, the law will be disposed of and a jury justice system would certainly void any legislation that was not in the public interest, and therefore would discourage the enactment of such legislation.

A jury justice system would also hold all public servants to account, with the power to bring charges of treason and sedition returned to the courts.  If powerful public servants are forced to act in their jobs under their own personal liability, and their own homes, vehicles and freedom was threatened, integrity would begin to return to the Queensland Government overnight.

7 thoughts on “Queensland Government: An Illegal One Party Dictatorship

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  2. I agree with almost everything above except the remark about “known peadophile, Bill D’Arcy”.
    Evidence which has emerged since his trials makes it really clear and beyond doubt that D’Arcy is totally innocent of the charges made against him -especially the charge of the one main complainant (he wasn’t even at the school at the time, and the evidence describes the teacher who followed him).
    45 people (including 4 prominent former police) recently put in a submission to the CCC listing the clear evidence and asking for D’Arcy’s innocence to be declared. It is the third time supporters of D’Arcy have submitted such requests.
    To those who declare that there was a lot of complainants so he “must have been guilty of something”, what has emerged is that the Argos Police Task Force after a year of “trawling” came up with a rabble of contradictory statements which only serve to prove the incompetence of the Queensland court system.

  3. I wonder what Tony Fitzgerald would say if he were to review the amount of police and political corruption that went into the false conviction of Bill D’Arcy, evidence that the Labour CMC refused to examine despite being collected and analysed by respected senior retired police officers who had nothing good to say about the way the matter was mishandled. What would he say about Royce Miller DPP misleading Chief Justice de Jersey about multiple rape complainants in order to get dissimilar cases unfairly joined, to raise the smoke/fire effect? There is ample evidence for anyone who cares to listen, unfortunately the Australian media have proved too gutless to stand up to the panicking purveyors of paedophile paranoia. Maybe Mr Fitzgerald needs to listen to those who have the evidence in hand that Linda Lavarch refused to act on, based on an *unsigned* *unsworn* statement that completely changed the evidence of a “witness” who wasn’t even at the school at the time of events she testified to. Maybe he needs to ask how a police officer managed to suppress the school register that showed this fact? Or how that officer, accused of misconduct, got to investigate himself and clear himself? Or how that officer’s boss, accused of misconduct, got to investigate himself and clear himself? Or how Kerry Shine managed to protect a psychologist whose techniques seem dubious at best most plausibly due to a business relationship with his own Toowoomba law firm? Or why Mr Shine resigned so quickly once called on it publicly? Many many unanswered questions, with only a Federal Royal Commission capable of answering them without running into Qld political forces that have the power to pervert the course of justice…. Dally Messenger’s page http://www.apersonalhistory.com/Bill_D'Arcy/ just scrapes the surface of a miscarriage of justice as large as, if not larger than, the ones listed above.

  4. In support of the last two comments—when I was at Bond University the D’Arcy case was one of the cases that students could choose to investigate in the Miscarriage of Justice class. Over the 3 years that I went to listen to the lectures because I was interested in writing crime books, the students who choose the D’Arcy case always came to the conclusion that there were problems with the evidence for the prosecution, and possibly a miscarriage. Top of the list would have to be that Bill did not live in the teacher’s house, he was not teaching at the school when one of the offences was supposed to have happened and the hole in the school wall that one of the witnesses said was there, did not exist. I believe just these points are enough to reopen the case.

    • Yes, Dianne, I’m glad to see students picked up that case at Bond! There’s also the fact that the next teacher, who *did* live at the teacher’s house, strongly resembled Bill and *was* there at the time of the alleged offences, not that was clearly an offence in the first place. The impossibility of raping a child using a dry handkerchief as a makeshift condom, in a classroom in front of a dozen other children only a few feet away from the open-front desk, seems never to have been questioned, even though zero witnesses who were said to be there confirmed it. This clearly points to ‘repressed memory’ stuff that traces back to the Toowoomba psychologist who appears to have helped her ‘recover’ it after “police identified me as a victim.” In other words, she didn’t know she was a victim till police told her, and that is a gigantic red flag. Shine’s business relationship with said therapist is what I question most about his refusal to consider the mountain of evidence on his desk.

      As for the hole in the wall, did anyone in your course pick up that the witnesses who made that one up were apparently old school chums of Michael Kaiser, whom Beattie put in the safest Labour seat in Qld after pressuring D’Arcy to resign (a felony about which he boasted in Parliament)? And was the evidence of other witnesses brought up, such as [police-suppressed] ones who claimed to have stood on each others’ shoulders to watch things go on through a window that was so high that the top one of 4 kids stacked up wouldn’t see a thing?

      When this case went through there was no law stating that police were *required* to seek, obtain, preserve and disclose evidence,irrespective of whether it is incriminating or exculpatory, and that led to the witchhunt that got D’Arcy among others. It’s also likely part of the reason that Botting J threw out the evidence used to convict (and new “memories” that had surfaced in the meantime) in the civil case against him. So Queenslanders live in a state where evidence used to convict under a criminal judge appointed “just in time” to handle a political case was deemed to not even meet a civil standard by a judge not so appointed….

  5. If what you say is true, then Darcy was a Patsy, a Fall Guy. Beattie had the Lindebergh Petition to deal with and the Shreddergate Scandal regarding paedophile (and satanism) abuse at the John Oxley Centre, threatening to blow up in his face which would have destroyed the Government. The government and its agents are a disgrace. Anastasia Plebiscite will continue the London School of Economics agenda to destroy this country and the middle class.

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