Joe Hockey’s Austerity Plan for Australia

English: Joe Hockey at the official opening of...

Thanks to the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) for exposing the substance of Joe Hockey’s speech to the London Institute of Economic Affairs.   The CEC states that “Treasurer Joe Hockey in an April 2012 speech in London demanded democracy must not obstruct deep cuts to government spending on health, education, and other essential services, revealing himself to be in lock-step with those who are orchestrating a revival of 1930s-style fascism to manage the present global financial crisis”.

The LNP Abbott led Jesuit style government is not only stepping back from promises made before the election like the Gonski Funding for education, they are actively orchestrating the demise of democracy in Australia.  The Labor Government is run by the same bankers, so to expect anything different from them is pure fantasy.

The two party system in Australia, like America, gives the public an illusion of choice.  An illustration of fascism is the failure for courts to provide a jury in the recent court case where Simon Gittany was charged with murder.  This a travesty of justice, and demonstrates the illegality of the status quo, and Australia’s march towards fascism.

Regardless of guilt or innocence, when someone is charged with murder there must be a jury, as a jury is the only way to guarantee any resemblence of a fair trial.  A one judge star chamber cannot be trusted, since single judges often overlook or ignore evidence in civil cases, so how can a single judge be trusted to give a man charged with murder a fair trial?

To read the full Citizens Electoral Council Article click here.

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