In a Civilized Society, when is a Job not a Job?

Never, ever, think outside the box

Never, ever, think outside the box (Photo credit: Mrs eNil)

When is a Job not a job, but something else?  When we talk about a civilised society, how do we measure the percentage of the actual civility compared to the ideal of great civilisations that become significant turning points in history?  

Take Greece for instance, it was known for its great art and the development of democracy, which originates from the Greek words “demos” (of and by the people) and. “kratos” (to rule).

Subsequently the people entrust their Sovereignty (All Rights Claimed or All Rights Reserved) and together the people form a constitution which indicates how they will run their society.  If the society does it well, and everyone agrees with certain self-evident principles like everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or in more widened terms, the right to life and health, the right to self-help, the right to self-defence, right to a fair trial (as determined by a jury justice system of one’s peers), and the right to appeal (to a Grande Jury of one’s peers).

The glue that holds any civilised society together as a cohesive unit is the courts where citizens can go peacefully to settle disputes or punish crimes.  The power to punish is the ultimate authority and that is the beginning and the end of anything that could resemble a job.

A job is something that is not a judicial act – that means a job is not something that harms people (negligence and torts aside).

A job was developed by the current illegal money changers (the only time Jesus became violent was when he attacked the money changers), with the word “job” an acronym for Just Over Broke.  An honest days work is done by street sweepers, plumbers, and builders, among other occupations.

However, when a person commits a judicial act, they either act in the position of ultimate authority as they are entrusted to make law for the good of the people, or they are in the position of carrying out the laws, and this includes occupations such as the defence forces, the police, the judiciary, State and Federal Ministers, the administrators of the laws (council workers, secretaries, security personnel etc) and the individual journalists who report scandal and crime.

The Nuremberg trials, as corrupt as they were, established that the defense of “I was just doing my job” is no defense at all.  Ethics, Morals and Responsibility towards the civilized society that person inhabits is the ultimate test as to whether that person is prepared to become a whore for the establishment for money.  People who do have high standards of ethics and morality will either just quit the job, or become whistleblowers against the establishment.

If there is no provision in a country’s Constitution, either at the beginning of its formation, or by changes brought about, to bring charges of treason and sedition against those who hold positions of power and corrupt that power to their own ends, then corruption and fraud escalates to the current level in the world where the money changers are again in charge of the world by controlling the money, they can override our Constitution and control how that society spends its money.  The whores, I mean administrators who help carry out bad laws and corrupt actions commit a judicial act.

For instance, a secretary to a Government department might argue that they only typed the letter, however the secretary is under the mistaken impression she has a job.  The act is not a job, it enables, and the secretary is an enabler.

An enabler can never have just a job, because they commit a judicial act that enables the law to be exercised.  Actions only happen when people make them happen.  If the law harms the people, and everyone under the law doesn’t sit down and think and reflect on that law, and then carries out that law regardless of its consequences is guilty of an accessory-after-the-fact and/or sedition.  Treason is a more serious charge and is reserved for such politicians as Julia Gillard who was charged with treason by Brian Shaw in Elijah’s Challenge, which of course the establishment chose to ignore.

The illegality of the status quo is maintained when investigative journalists are banned by the big mainstream press outlets from telling us the truth.  In some cases the establishment will kill in order to squash a story, like the death of the journalist by the name of Michael Hastings, briefly featured in the biased movie about Julian Assange called “The Fifth Estate“.  His death is widely considered to be a political murder as he reportly told friends he was about to break a big story to do with the cia and thought he was being followed.  Witnesses reported hearing/seeing an explosion before his car hit a tree.

When a journalist says to Alex Jones of Infowars off record that he’s been told by his boss to go after them by falsely reporting that demonstrators attacked police at the JFK memorial ceremony just one week ago, when in actual fact the live footage taken by Infowars clearly shows the police attacked the demonstrators.  The establishment do not want discussion about the death of JFK, and certainly don’t want to show on mainstream media these demonstrations because we know and they know they have ignored the evidence.

This journalist does not have a job because he/she commits a judicial act every time he/she reports.  If that journalist is not comfortable being an enabler of propaganda that journalist should at the very least say no and quit, or become a whistleblower.

The answer to oppression and tyranny is for each person to take note that they are responsible for their actions, and that the many will hold the few to account when we are able to restore a jury justice system.  This is why the jury justice system is despised by lawyers and those in power, because juries will hold them accountable for any harm done to others.

The musketeers chanted “all for one, and one for all”.  When a civilised people stick together they create common law based on the self-evident principles of a Constitution.   A civilised society must stand united, or divided fall.  This is the measure of a civilised society, and is the summation of what a job is, and what a job is not.

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