Cause of Cancer Linked to Nazi Jesuit Government Agenda

Forget about donating any money to charities or foundations that claim to be researching into the cures for cancer.  Look carefully at who owns the relevant charity or foundation, who are on the Board of Directors and follow the money.  They are lying to you, big time.

Ask instead what is causing the cancer, and by eliminating the cause, you eliminate the need to research a cure.  One major cure that is standing right before us is to hold the Australian and respective State Governments accountable for treason and conspiracy to murder, for by their own admission as stated on the Channel 9 news website, in a story entitled “Dye Fears Pull 120,000 Garments From Shops” (click to read), Channel 9 admits that “the use of azo dye, which can form carcinogenic chemicals which break down and can be absorbed through the skin, is legal in Australia”.

So, not only did our traitorous scheming Government of neo-nazi’s (Fabian Socialists, Freemasons and Jesuits) ship all the jobs to China on purpose by signing “Free” Trade Agreements, they made it legal for the communists to dye the clothing it shipped back to us using carcinogenic dyes.

This is not a mistake, an oversight or could this give rise to any reasonable explanation.  The legislation legalising this carcinogenic dye is a fact that proves a conspiracy is afoot, and its high time that the Australian public woke up to the Agenda.

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