Recommended Books & Videos

This website is still under construction.  New recommendations and links added daily.  Scroll down to see catagories in RED:

Agenda 21 for Dummies (Video 10mins)

Apocolypse:  The Rise of Hitler In HD Episode: 2- The Fuehrer

Breaking through the Delusion of Government and Mysticism (You Tube 6.30mins)

Flow – How did a handful of corporations steal our water? (Video You-Tube -1hr 23)

(Chemtrails HAARP)  What in the world are they spraying (1hr 37mins)

(Chemtrails HAARP) Why in the world are they spraying (1hr 13mins)

Jordan Maxwell – Matrix of Power (Video You Tube – 1hr 7mins)

Jordan Maxwell – The Naked Truth About Religion – (Video You Tube – 1hr 50 mins)

Gillard/AWU Time-bomb – Latest from Michael Smith

Max Keiser – We’re in a Financial Holocaust – Infowars (Video – 13 August 2012)

Moon Rising (Moon Anomalies and NASA coverup) You Tube 1hr 13mins

Nullification:  The Rightful Remedy – film by Jason Rink – 1hr 12mins

Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting without Reading the Bills – 6/29/12

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation (Video You-Tube 30 mins)

The Money Masters (Full documentary – You-Tube – 3hrs 29mins)

The Rice Video – Carbon Dioxide in perspective by The Galileo Movement

The Truth about Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre

Zero Point Volume I – Messages From The Past – FULL MOVIE

Zero Point : Volume II – The Structure of Infinity FULL MOVIE

2012 Revolution:  World Awakening – The Birth of the Revolution – Part 1

2012 Revolution:  World Awakening – The Middle East Revolts – Part 2

New World Order (NWO)
Book Classic:  H.G. Wells – “1984”
Heliophant – I, Pet Goat II (Animation Five Star Short Video)

It’s Time for New Pecora Hearings by EIR.  11 August 2006 (adapted).  Compares what is happening today and the 1929 Great Depression.
Declassified archives document ties between CIA and Nazis

01/08/12:  Youtube:  Alex Jones interviews Max Keiser:  Cancer is how they will take it CEC Report 31-07-12 – Glass-Steagall pathway & trans-Atlantic war faction pushes back 

Collateral Murder in Iraq – Wikileaks
Full Length Documentary – Beyond Treason (5 stars – WARNING:  graphic content)
Full Length Documentary – 7/7 Ripple Effect (Analysis of 2005 London Terrorist Attacks)
9/11:  Proof the Plane that struck the World Trade Centre was a Hologram
Amazing Occupy Protests Compilation – American Police Brutality
“Realjustice on Judges sending children to abusers”

Full Length Documentary – 2012:  Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages
Mayan Elder Reveals Truth of 2012 Mayan Calendar Part 1 of 3
Mayan Elder Reveals Truth of 2012 Mayan Calendar Part 2 of 3
Mayan Elder Reveals Truth of 2012 Mayan Calendar Part 3 of 3

Trailer – Behold a Pale Horse (the second American Revolution)
GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1

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