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Tarrant trained by Israel to assassinate Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

The reason why the video of the shooting in New Zealand has been largely removed from the internet is because the whole thing was a false flag. It was another effort by the fascists in charge to restrict gun laws and pass laws to restrict free speech. The truth is that no-one was killed, that’s why they don’t want you to see the video. Apparently you can still download a copy of the video on bittorrent. An excellent article on Tarrant being trained by Israel is available at Cairns News – copy this link into your browser:


An excellent video on Youtube that explains Scott Bennett’s expert analysis of each frame of the video and why he concludes no was was killed (Scott Bennett was a former US Army Psychological Operations Officer and State Department Counter-terrorism contractor).

Or if you would prefer to read the article here’s a link: https://jamesfetzer.org/2019/03/scott-bennett-the-new-zealand-shooting-what-happened-and-why/?fbclid=IwAR2AXEcavEhOr7vVSx7yM5NHf8ip9_BJfouHAwpjn1BBIjSINQ00glw_h-M

Political Parties Have Declared Financial War on Australians

Politicians are attempting to ban cash transactions and will implement bail-in and negative interest rates when the next Global Financial Crisis (GFC 2.0) explodes the fiat money system.
I am a voice in the dark, but so apparently are good economists like John Adams who has a channel on Youtube with Martin North of DFA (Digital Finance Analystics) called “Walk the World”. They have also started another channel on Youtube called ‘In the Interests of the People’, just in case Youtube takes down ‘In the Interests of the People’, Martin’s main channel ‘Walk the World’ won’t be affected. I highly recommend you listen to what John Adams and Martin North have to say.
I find it disturbing that many people aren’t paying attention to this stuff, particularly when it concerns them. While many people think they aren’t in the markets so it doesn’t concern them, they couldn’t be more wrong.
What’s those pretty bits of paper in your wallet that you go to work to earn? Is that not legal currency? If you hold that in your wallet, or in the bank, you are in the market. Does not the paper statement from your Superannuation Fund express this Australian currency as a sum total of your savings to date? If so, you are in the market. Does your bank statement show a sum total of your savings? If so, you are in the market. Why? Because this time the economic landscape really is different.
If you want to understand why and how the Australian government will bail-in your savings to prop up the banks, listen to the CEC Report on Youtube. The CEC is an Independent political party that the mainstream media ignores because they tell the truth. I am not a member of this political party.
The Youtube video called ‘John Adams: Aussie Dollar Crashes 76% – Buy Gold’ explains how our legal tender has lost 76% of its purchasing power since 1971. But inflation is not just inflation. Firstly, how they calculate inflation has changed, because once upon a time house prices were counted as part of the metrics, but now they leave it out, so the inflation rate the mainstream media touts is a lie by omission.
Secondly, I’m flat out sick of people saying that I’m showing my age when I mention that how much ice-creams were in the late 1960’s – they were 4c for a icy one and 5c for an ice-cream one, and you could get two lollies for 1c. Inflation is a silent theft of your money, especially if its done over a long period people don’t seem to notice much. I remember when bread and milk started going up it was an outrage, and was on the front page of the newspaper. Now it doesn’t even rate a mention except in the financial pages. Unfortunately there is no football or hollywood gossip here, so most people won’t read about it. Instead they get consumed by the call to look here, but don’t look here. Hyperinflation is simply inflation sped up.
Thirdly, inflation is theft. If you put your money in the bank and the interest paid does not keep up with inflation, then you are losing purchasing power. It is a silent tax because the amount of money showing in your account hasn’t changed. Likewise, if your wages aren’t keeping up with inflation, then you are getting poorer and poorer as they years progress. This is why it is so hard to get ahead because the cost of living keeps rising and we are quietly and stealthily having our money stolen from us.
This has all happened since Nixon stopped backing the US Dollar with gold, and Australia and the world followed suit, albeit with some protests like from France. Now Scott Morrison of the Liberal/National Party (LNP), better known as the Local Nazi Party, has declared that transacting in cash over $10,000 from 2020 will be illegal. They are trying to get us to all be digitally transacting only so that the banks can charge us a fee for having our money in the banks, over and above any current fees they charge, so this time you will clearly see on your bank statements that you have less money in the bank. Add on top of this the stealth theft of your money by inflation and we have a double the theft as before.
When will the people of Australia wake up enough to demand that Australia start backing its currency by gold and silver like it says in the Australian Constitution? It will only happen when people get a rude awakening they can’t ignore.
John Rubino’s website Dollarcollapse.com has an article titled ‘Jay Taylor: Under Basel III Rules, Gold Becomes Money’. Suggest you read it and please try to explain to people what’s happening. In summary, don’t follow what the Central Banks say, do what they do. Become your own central bank and buy gold and silver now to protect yourself and those you love before its too late.


John Adams: Aussie Dollar Crashes 76% – Buy GOLD!


John Adams: Aussie Dollar Crashes 76% – Buy GOLD!

United Nations Historical Announcement at Global Citizen Festival

The Global Citizen Concert on Saturday 26th September finally aired tonight in Australia, Wednesday 30th September 2015.  The concert was aired up to four (4) days later in various countries around the world, two (2) days either side of the blood moon (2+2=4).  The satanic overtones were expressed in numbers and symbols throughout the Festival.  The final tetrad (fourth 4th) Blood Moon was on Monday 28th September 2015 and appears as a warning, part of the biblical prophecy of the Christian faith.

The Global Goals for Sustainability were actually code for the announcement that the United Nations is seizing control, and all nations will be subsumed into its belly.  All sovereignty will be abolished and the UN will start dictating laws to governments who will be public figureheads only.  This is the covert announcement of global governance which is politically correct language for the announcement of the New World Order (NWO).

There were seventeen (1+7=8) goals, and all the goals had their own distinct symbol.  The symbol most used throughout the Festival was the thirteenth (1+3=4) goal of Climate Action, being the eye of Horus.

ISIS is the Egyptian symbol associated with the eye of Horus.  ISIS we are told by Leo Zagami plan to announce the Antichrist after mid November 2015, and want a nuclear tsunami to kill the Infidels so they can bring in a worldwide caliphate which is just another word for dictatorship, tyranny and fascism.

The symbology throughout the Festival emphasised the eye of Horus, it was big and red and the colour red which symbolises blood, passion and anger was the predominant presentation along with gay couples kissing and fondling each other.  The Festival Ceremony emphasised lyrics such as “how long shall we kill the prophets” and “I feel myself”, “I am so awesome” and “she dreams in red”.  “There is a deeper world than this” tells us that demons inhabit a deeper world we cannot see, and this sentence also tells us that what goes on behind the scenes is different from what we are told or led to believe.

The music emphasised sex and the body and feminism, yet contrary to its Fifth Goal of Gender Equality (the Rights of Women and Children) the five young women standing on stage were all Muslim and wore head coverings.  These women have absolutely no freedom nor equality, yet they were used to preach to the decadent Christians.

The white cross was used alongside gay couples, and the goals bore damn lies and statistics with the numbers 13 and 29 prophetic numbers as worn by Beyonce.  With everyone wearing their black and white Global Citizens t-shirts, the colours black and white symbolise the intermixing of the races.

At first glance the United Nations goals sound lofty and many people will be sucked into believing them, but in actual fact they intend to do the opposite of all these goals.  The conspiracy theorists have been partially vindicated..  They will begin to push RFID chips for a global digital currency, to bring in more and more laws and to end our rights and freedoms.  The apocalypse is upon us.


The recent overthrow of Tony Abbott by Malcolm Turnbull was a coup d’etat for Labor, since Malcolm Turnbull supports Labor policies, particularly the climate change policies of Labor.  Lord Monckton predicted that Tony Abbott would need to watch his back, because the Cabal want Australia to vote yes in the Paris Climate Change conference coming up in Paris in December 2015.

This Climate Change Treaty, endorsed by the Vatican, will enforce Agenda 30 upon Australians, mandating a reduction in carbon emissions by about 26% whereas previously Australia’s target was only 5%.  It will also cement global governance, or a global government.  George Bush’s New World Order.

Australians were up in arms over Labor’s imposition of the ridiculous carbon tax, however we haven’t seen anything yet.  What will befall our country if Turnbull, the new Prime Minister, agrees to sign the treaty will be shocking to every Australian.  The aim of the tax is to keep the Australian people poor and destroy small business, all in the name of creating jobs of course.  While there might be a few new jobs, the jobs lost will far outweigh any new jobs created.

While our manufacturing and business sector is crushed, China will be allowed to keep expanding until about 2030.

Consequently, while Australia has had five Prime Ministers in five years, this current coup was to oust a legitimately elected liberal government who opposed the carbon tax, in exchange for a Prime Minister who really should have joined the Labor party.

To read more about Malcolm Turnbull’s history as a Labor sympathiser, and read about his association with corrupt former NSW Premier Neville Wran, disgraced former High Court Judge Lionel Murphy, and communist sympathiser former High Court Judge Michael Kirby, go to http://stopturnbull.com/

Remember, birds of a feather flock together.


Queensland Labor Attorney General Yvette D’Ath is proving herself to be just as unpopular with Queenslanders as Campbell Newman.  According to the Friday’s edition of the Courier Mail on 19 June 2015, “Drinkers face Random Bar Booze testing from Police”.

This cultural shift will disrupt the good old Aussie tradition of buying your mates a beer at the local bar if the police Gestapo are allowed to turn up at essentially private outings by Queenslanders, without a warrant, and demand that you blow in the bag in order to build a case for the government prosecution for the pre-crime of violence.

What about the consent of the governed?  What happens to those people who refuse to blow in the bag?  Will the government charge them with being violent in a public place, like they charge drivers for being drunk behind the wheel if they refuse to submit to a breath test?  .

Or perhaps the Labor government will charge non-violent dissenters with being drunk and disorderly?  Will they hand dissenters fines, or will the police get violent towards the non-violent dissenters, handcuff them and throw them in the watchhouse for being drunk, violent and disorderly because they refuse to submit?  Will dissenters lose their right to go out and become banned from nightclub precincts altogether if they don’t submit?  Will continual dissent see normal law-abiding citizens end up in jail for pre-crime offences?

Will licensed pubs, clubs and restaurants be placed under economic duress by becoming unwitting targets in the further fascist crackdown to control the movement and actions of otherwise law-abiding citizens?

When will the young people wake up from their slumber?  Everyone in Queensland particularly young people need to learn Jurisdictionary® so they can protect and enforce their rights in a court of law without spending a large amount of money on expensive lawyers.



Rick Williams, MP endorsed by Labor in the State Seat of Pumicestone, is a Defendant in the case against Unitywater and Moreton Bay Regional Council, is also a Justice of the Peace Qualified (Queensland) and a Certified Financial Planner.

The Courier Mail article on Wednesday 17th June 2015 attempted to sensationalize the story by calling his claim “bizarre”  to make it look as though Rick Williams was insane for mentioning the Constitution, Contract Law and The Torrens Title system that backed up the notion that his land is his own.  Not only that, but the Rupert Murdoch owned paper, the lap-dog of the political party system, said that the case raised “… serious questions about Labor’s pre-selection and vetting process”.

Labor cannot be seen to have a thinking man who appears to be part of the current Worldwide Revolution in Nationalism and Liberty in its ranks of boot-lickers, as all members of Labor are expected, nay required, to tow the party line, which is Fabian Socialist in nature.

The arguments against Unitywater and Moreton Bay Regional Council are on the right track, but are not completely correct, and in law, if there is a mistake or misnomer in one sentence, then the whole sentence is struck out.  Rick Williams is correct in his assertion that there is “…no enforceable WET INK contract of agreement” with Unitywater. Unitywater has a monopoly on its supply of water, where is the consumer choice here?

Unfortunately water is something that we cannot live without, and for that reason Unitywater operate an extortion racket, to make people pay for water which is an inalienable inherent right.  He is correct to state that Unitywater was placing him under economic duress.  Pay up or die for lack of water.  If Unitywater cut off his supply of water, would this not amount to attempted murder?

It all comes down to whether or not you know who you are, a fiction (corpse-oration:  dead man speaking: your birth certificate registration number) or are you a spirit inhabiting a body?  If you are an atheist and say you are just flesh and blood, then even cadavers are flesh and blood which puts you back to the status of corporation, for even the dead have estates.  This follows the old Bablyonnian law that declared all the slaves as being dead in the eyes of the law, but the remedy was in the Live Birth Certificate.   Learn how to attain legal remedy by learning how to conduct your own lawsuit using Jurisdictionary®

Rick Williams major fault with his argument, was using the Commonwealth Constitution and the Torrens Title system.  Unfortunately the Commonwealth Constitution is no longer valid or in operation because all the world became insolvent in 1933.  Can a company declared insolvent still operate?  Yes, if it is placed under Administration, the company Constitution becomes invalid and the Administrators control the functions of the company. This is what has happened to Australia.  We became insolvent in 1933, like so many other countries, and our Constitution largely became invalid from that date.  We are now run by the shadowy Central Bankers and IMF.

Although Councils do not technically have the right to tax, with the Constitution in mothballs, they can and do disguise the land tax as rates.  Their rate notices are purposely not broken down into its relevant subsections such as garbage collection, otherwise people would realise they are being forced to pay a tax to the owner of the land, which is the Crown, which is owned by the Private Central Bankers.

If people are forced to pay a tax on the land, then the owner of the land, the Council, representing the Private Banking Fraternity, can repossess the land.  If that is the case, then mortgages and legal title become just ink and paper.

As for the Torrens Title system of registration, just ask any farmer whether or not their land belongs to them, and you’ll be presented with a tonne of legislation that virtually eliminates all rights to land ownership in Queensland, indeed Australia, giving more rights to the land to those who seek to exploit it, being the big corporations and the government itself, than to the landowner.

The key is the word “registration”, particularly the prefix “regis” which means the King, the “Crown”.  Once anything is registered to the Crown, the Crown becomes the legal owner of the thing and you then pay to use that which you have surrendered; ownership is vested in the Crown.

The legal system, hence the economic system of Central Bank oligopoly is supported by stupid barristers and lawyers.  Having said that, all in the profession of law are not bad people. some such as Dr Graves from Jurisdictionary® have the peoples best interests at heart because they want you to learn how the system works so you can learn how to protect your rights, without having to use expensive and often out-of-reach lawyers.

Remember lawyers are bound to worship the court, and some do so in more ways than one, especially if they are part of the freemasonic clique.  The law schools state on one hand that uncertain clauses in contracts are illegal, yet mortgages with variable interest rates, with no upper limit, are allowed to stand as lawful.  How can this be so?

Rick Williams MP should quit the labor party and stand as an Independent, and cement himself as representing the people and not the corporations, which is the Labor and Liberal fascist Fabian Socialist agenda.