The recent overthrow of Tony Abbott by Malcolm Turnbull was a coup d’etat for Labor, since Malcolm Turnbull supports Labor policies, particularly the climate change policies of Labor.  Lord Monckton predicted that Tony Abbott would need to watch his back, because the Cabal want Australia to vote yes in the Paris Climate Change conference coming up in Paris in December 2015.

This Climate Change Treaty, endorsed by the Vatican, will enforce Agenda 30 upon Australians, mandating a reduction in carbon emissions by about 26% whereas previously Australia’s target was only 5%.  It will also cement global governance, or a global government.  George Bush’s New World Order.

Australians were up in arms over Labor’s imposition of the ridiculous carbon tax, however we haven’t seen anything yet.  What will befall our country if Turnbull, the new Prime Minister, agrees to sign the treaty will be shocking to every Australian.  The aim of the tax is to keep the Australian people poor and destroy small business, all in the name of creating jobs of course.  While there might be a few new jobs, the jobs lost will far outweigh any new jobs created.

While our manufacturing and business sector is crushed, China will be allowed to keep expanding until about 2030.

Consequently, while Australia has had five Prime Ministers in five years, this current coup was to oust a legitimately elected liberal government who opposed the carbon tax, in exchange for a Prime Minister who really should have joined the Labor party.

To read more about Malcolm Turnbull’s history as a Labor sympathiser, and read about his association with corrupt former NSW Premier Neville Wran, disgraced former High Court Judge Lionel Murphy, and communist sympathiser former High Court Judge Michael Kirby, go to http://stopturnbull.com/

Remember, birds of a feather flock together.


Romley-Stewart: Stover’s revelations about your name in Capital Letters

Read below and learn how Romley- Stewart: Stover applied this 1899 Law in Court to have his hearings quashed. The attachment reveals how your name in all capital letters can be manipulated by corporations to enslave individuals. Everytime you get a bill or notice in ALL UPPER CASE, take the opportunity to claim your rights and status. Radio Interview with Romley at bottom of page.

514 Personation in general
(1) Any person who, with intent to defraud any person, falsely represents himself or herself to be some other person, living or dead, real or fictitious, is guilty of an offence which, unless otherwise stated, is a misdemeanour, and the person is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.
(2) If the representation is that the offender is a person entitled by will or operation of law to any specific property, and the person commits the offence with intent to obtain such property or possession thereof, the person is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

Subject: the Truth to our enslavement
Author: Red Dragon
Date: 24 Jan

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Caricature of Sir John Bridge (1824-1900). Cap...

Thanks for your email and your understanding of what I was saying.  It was very important for me to receive your blessing if you could put it that way.  I was just unlucky enough to discover how wrong the so-called Australian Government operated, (Including the so-called States of Australia)

My friend Cecil Ronald Rhodes told me something was wrong with the governing system a few years ago and he was working with a few other people trying all sorts of things in Court to work out what is going on, he was locked up for 6 months without charge but he was aware of the fraud. At that time, they didn’t click onto the two names appearing on documents: CECIL RONALD RHODES and the name: RHODES CECIL RONALD. (trust Law)

I had a Child Custody case and after nearly 3 years of being railroaded in court, very long story cut short, I questioned the name on the court order: “FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS”

When I asked the person sitting on the bench, her name, she claimed: “Federal Magistrate Willis” and then I asked how she got a first name like: Federal”. She then said that Federal was not her name and then I asked her why she lied about her name in a court room because if she made a claim in a court room that her name was “Federal Magistrate Willis” then why should I not believe her?

I then asked her if she lied?

She shit herself! … I then asked her if she was the one that autographed the court order seal to the name: FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS, and the Autograph looked like “J Willis”. I held it up so she could see it .. she refused to answer and then claimed, “I’m not going to answer that” then I asked if the name: FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS was registered at Births Deaths and Marriages or was it a fictitious name!

Sweden has adopted legislation that will give ...

She went quiet and looked really worried and then the Guard came over to me and asked me to stop?

I then said to the guard, “I don’t know you! who are you?” and then I said, if you touch me or my recorder I will call the federal police and then I pointed at the Magistrate Willis and said to her, “that goes for you too, I don’t know who you are!” and at that point she took off out of the Court room leaving the federal court in shock! There was a lawyer for my child and another one for the mother of my child.

All I asked for in the beginning was that the court identify the statute that I breached in relation to the family Law Act in order that they can take away my fatherly right to see my child 50 50? and they could not identify one breach of the statute.

After 3 years and 6 applications to try and remove a 50 50 custody, I had done some research on what a “Magistrate” is and they have to be lawfully appointed in PERSON! (Not as a man) and then I found that the federal Court Of Australia belonged to a Company? COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, when can a company have a sovereign court? and how can a PERSON lawfully exist without subject matter? it can’t!

When I tried to find the lawful appointment of the person sitting on the bench: JOSEPHINE ANNE WILLIS, I couldn’t! and that meant, according to the Blacks Law Dictionary, that the magistrate was not lawfully appointed but might be in violation of Personage, personating a Magistrate?.

About 4 days after that scary court case where the so-called: FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS ran out of the court room, Mr. Boyd, the Registrar from the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia rang me from Sydney and asked me to come into the Court but just for a chat, no paperwork, ??? (Talked through speaker phone)

I said that I have had enough of this court because it’s destroyed my business, my work , my life was wrecked fighting court hearing after court hearing and I have not been paid one cent! I have had to defend every hearing for nearly 3 years and now I don’t even know who I’m fighting against???, I have not violated one of the family law acts! and that meant that the court had no jurisdiction to make any order over and above natural rights. When I went in for the meeting with Mr. Boyd, I asked him why the Court Orders have been signed with a fictitious name and asked him if that was a violation of the Queensland Criminal Code Act: 1899:  Personage?

He asked me not to say anything else in front of the other 3 lawyers in the room. That question also concerned the other lawyers but Mr. Boyd then said that the Court no longer wants to pursue the matter and asked me for permission if they could stop and vacate the whole thing????

I was stunned that it was all over in such a short time just by asking why the fictitious name: “FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS” appeared on the court order in stead of: the correct name: “Federal Magistrate: JOSEPHINE ANNE WILLIS” in order to identify the office and the person that sits in the office.

I asked if the Court order was lawfully valid?

That was the beginning of realizing that the designation of the name must be where the fraud exists.



The next thing that made me wonder what was going on was when ERGON ENERGY QUEENSLAND PTY LTD took me: ROMLEY STEWART STOVER, to Court over my electricity bill.

I asked Ergon Energy to issue my bill to my correct name: “ROMLEY STEWART STOVER” instead of the name on the bill: “MR R S STOVER”….My home had 3 electricity meters and in Queensland, they put an ambulance levy on each electricity meter so I ask them if they could take the levy off 2 of the meters and leave it only on one meter because only my daughter and I lived at the house at that time and 3 levy’s added up to nearly $300 instead of $98 a year. The other meters were for 2 sheds, when I re-wired the house to bring the wiring up the health standards, I just left the meters there because they were always there.

They refused! to drop the fee of the other two maters and made me pay 3 levy’s ..? This was unfair but I had no remedy, just pay! … so they then told me to rewire the place back to one meter at my expense, I had just rewired the whole meter board and they wanted me to re-wire it again? … totally wrong with no compassion or human understanding.

So again , to cut a long story short, when I asked Ergon Energy to send the bill to my lawful name: ROMLEY STEWART STOVER, in order to defend my claim in court against a lawful bill, they refused! because the name: “MR R S STOVER” made no legal sense, the name should have been: Mr. R. S. Stover, in the correct English if they wanted to use the “Mr.” or send it to my correct lawful name: ROMLEY STEWART STOVER. How can I defend or even claim the false name: MR R S STOVER?

Well I won! but only after being threatened with indefinite prison if I didn’t pay the bill, and in the end, I put my hands together like praying, and asked the Magistrate to please help me settle this account.

Then he said “Well why don’t you just pay the bill?”

I said, ” because I don’t have a bill! the existing bill is not issued to my correct lawful name and the name: “MR R S STOVER” was not my name”. It’s a violation of section 514 of the Criminal Code Act 1899: Personage, to claim a fictitious name and the designation: “MR R S STOVER” is legally the designation of a name because of how it appeared in all uppercase, but it has no subject matter, rendering such a name as a fictitious false name-trust..

The magistrate nearly fell of his chair, he didn’t know what to say, then he just claimed: “Mr. Stover deserves the right to have his bill issued to his true correct lawful name” and then said to me: “Sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you today Mr. Stover, you may go”

Again, that was over a year of writing and research …. It’s all in the Name again! …  (The Ambulance Levy has now been abandoned by the so-called State Government.)

This means that every person sitting in Parliament and Government sits under a false name! as I have explained in that document, Even every person that sits on the bench as Magistrates and Judges are questionable! they have no jurisdiction over the birth right people, only jurisdiction over the fiction person on the Passport and Driver license!

It’s a fraud not only against the original people of Australia, it’s a fraud on every human born to this land including the original blood.  I was never trying to claim the land or any right from the original people or from any people.

I don’t want to take over the country, all I did was discover the most criminal actions of these people assuming to govern us in the hope that justice can be given to people who need it.

The Australian Passport and Queensland Driver License are instruments used to destroy the Sovereign Trust (Name) meaning the birth right. Every person that holds an Australian Passport can not prove that he/ she is a sovereign birth right person because their Passport and Driver license proves that they are not the sovereign birth right because the name on the Passport and Driver License are false twisted designations of the real name but your autograph and image appear on that instrument! it’s a forgery!

The so-called “sorry” to the original people by Kevin Rudd was a scam because he made it clear that “As Prime Minister, he was sorry for what they did to the Original People” but he didn’t say sorry from his true name: KEVIN MICHAEL RUDD, he said sorry under the false name: “KEVIN RUDD PM” and that name is a false-fake fraud! fiction so you could say the “Sorry” was a fiction and lawfully meant nothing …

Doesn’t matter if it hurts Black people or White people, a scam is a scam, a crime is a crime and both Black and White people are people!, humans, and both can be hurt by crime.!

How can we ever deal with anything with such a fraud government assuming power?

So thank-you very much for your email to me because I’m just like you, trying to find out what is wrong and why so many people are wronged without any compassion from this so called government.

When I asked Willy Brim from Kuranda (Black activist but a lovely man and he has always been a gentleman to me) about what I have discovered, he said what you have said, “You finally worked it out!” … He knew!

Some form of Sovereign Council that represents the people of Australia and not the Alien-fictitions, must be formed, this can’t go on like this, it’s criminal and I noticed massive riots in Wall Street, all about the theft of the Sovereign Wealth by unknown corporate entities, and this is what it’s all about …

The group of WHITE People! that I’m working with, are upset that this has happened so I think this is more than just about Black and White, this is about People, humans and the machine of Corporations that have no soul.

The Arny movie: “The Terminator” is the same thing but the machine is much more evil!, it’s the system with no soul or love or spirit of brotherhood between men that has taken over and as long as you are a good slave you will be ok but if you become aware, you become the enemy to them … A corporation is in effect, a machine.

Thank you so much *** for your email, you are another man who made me ask questions and research the law dictionary to find out if what you were saying was true and as far as I can see, you are right!, the governing system is evil .. really wrong,

ROMLEY ON FAIRDINKUM RADIO:  http://fairdinkumradio.com/resources/110512RS.mp3

Online Privacy Petition to Nicola Roxon

Flag of Australia

Flag of Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask yourself WHY is the Attorney-General rushing through these significant POWER changes?  This is not about, OH that does not impact me, even if you think you are a law-abiding citizen…WAKE UP sleepy AUSTRALIANS, our private life is being raped.  Consider the ‘freedoms’ of your children and consider strangers possessing this knowledge at their fingertips of your families every move.  When our court security contracts are paid to overseas companies like Israel, instead of keeping business here in Australia to Australian companies,

Who will be in authority.  This is more to do with politics and less to do about our own personal protection.  Where and what will this information end up and internet providers will be forced to keep detailed records of everything you do online for 2 years.  Your personal relationships; bank balances, your travel movements, all nicely stored in DATA bases, checked without WARRANTS!

If you feel VIOLATED already, and feel they should MYOB – mind their own business and stop looking in our bedrooms! STOP this nonsense, sign the petition please!  We do not need to spend any more money on spy technology.

Click to sign the petition.