The decision handed down this morning in the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, New South Wales Underwood v Gaudron [2015] NSWCA 269 heard by Basten JA; Macfarlan JA; and Ward JA, is a disgustingly obvious display of corruption and bias.

Like all the other stinking decisions in thousands of court cases, the decision today to not provide Remedy or Equity to the only member of the family missing out on a modest inheritance, is so reprehensible as to be incomprehensible to any thinking person with even a modicum of morality.

Not only that, but the so-called judges (with a small j) saw fit to award all costs to the unfortunate sibling that Mary Gaudron has choosen to disown.  .

To say that this decision would cause a complete and utter breakdown in the public’s confidence in the judiciary would not be an understatement.  To deny the unfortunate little sister of Mary Gaudron any equity in the case is an affront to decency and the common law.

What is obvious is the bias towards Mary Gaudron who is clearly a protected species.   This decision is so in your face, that if everyone understood the decision, there would be rebellion in the streets.

While Mary Gaudron’s sister, Helen Underwood, is a pensioner in public housing, she is no walk-over.  She is educated in the law, and fought valiantly to be heard.  Unfortunately what seemed like a fair-hearing was in fact a pre-cooked kangaroo court.  The decision and the submissions do not match.  They have ignored the submissions, refusing to address issues brought up and the evidence to substantiate the submissions such as the “Application for Administration not made according to law”; “The Administration not Administered according to law”; “The family provision proceedings not conducted according to law”; “Tthe Queensland Family Provision case on Misrepresentation”, “not all evidence before the court”, and “The Family Provision Conducted in the Executors own interest” were not even mentioned, nor the “Duty of Care”.

A further in-depth article will be posted where we will examine and cross-reference the submissions from the transcript to compare that with both decisions so you can see why the bias is evident and disgustingly obvious.

The initial article posted on this site titled ” Retired High Court Judge Mary Gaudron Implicated in Fraud Case”, taken down upon request in the hope of a settlement, but fortunately reposted on Mikiverse alleged Mary Gaudron’s aboriginal heritage.  This post stated this question:

The Mabo case decisions were made between 1982 and 1992.  Was the Mabo decision affected by the Club of Rome‘s Earth Charter, and was Mary Gaudron’s decision in any way influenced by this Charter?
Mark McMurtrie on November 26, 2012 at 9:33 am said:

I feel the matter of Mabo was unquestionably impaired by Gaudrons’ obvious hatred for anything ‘AB-original – even herself it seems.
It is not improper to suggest that ALL of those who sat the bench on the Mabo case should have recused themselves due to self interest in the form of financial joinder to the Crown – which was, after all, a party to the proceedings in various forms and guises.
There is also the fraud of Native Title which then flowed from those cases, and the fact the Crowns minions have secreted the rights of the Tribes to establish their own separate sovereign States and establish their own political and other structures – protected by International law.
The High Court has demonstrated, and this matter now further exacerbates the evidence of corruption on the bench in respect of the Crowns lack of jurisdiction over Tribal peoples. Not to mention the severe harassment of the people and their families who are standing up to the Crown on these matters by the Crowns’ police and other agents – contrary to UN resolution 2625 (XXV) of 24 Oct 1970… which the Corporate State of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and its’ States are bound.

Kerry Stokes Seeks Suppression Order over Perjury Claim

Seven Network boss Kerry Stokes’ attempted Suppression Order of blogger Shane Dowling’s comments that Stokes had perjured himself are proof positive that Channel 7 and Kerry Stokes are part of the media propaganda that attempts to determine what is free speech. 

Shane Dowling who runs the Kangaroo Court Website which outs corruption of the judiciary and those in power, is being sued by Kerry Stokes of Channel 7, over a claim that Stokes was defamed when Dowling republished a comment (click here to read Shane Dowling’s article) made by Federal Court Judge, Justice Ronald Sackville, originally published in the Herald Sun (click here to read the Herald Sun article).

Dowling accused Stokes and his lawyer Justine Munsie of perjury in the Shapelle Corby matter after the raid on Channel 7’s offices by the AFP (Australian Federal Police) looking for a contract that Channel 7 purportedly signed that would have given them an exclusive interview with Shapelle Corby following her release from jail.

Shane Dowling’s Kangaroo Court Website alleges that Kerry Stokes perjured himself over the existence of such a contract, with Stokes statements purportedly contradicted by David Koch and Mike Willesee who only debated the amount of money to be paid.

Most importantly the Channel 7 media mogul’s attempt at a Suppression Order is part of the media manipulation you the public are subjected to, that determines what they believe is and is not in the public interest.

Shane Dowling has said that Stokes believes that it’s not against the law to interview criminals, and pay them for their time, but obviously the AFP think differently, in their interpretation of the Proceeds of Crime law, especially given as the AFP, if implicated and found guilty, would be seeking to prevent and cover-up any revelations that Shapelle Corby might divulge about the drug smuggling racket by baggage handlers working for domestic and international airlines.

Unfortunately for Kerry Stokes, corrupt behaviour and suppression of his own and other’s corrupt behaviour (false or an absence of reporting on major stories) has come back to bite him hard.  Failure by Kerry Stokes and the Channel 7 network to fight the corruption of those in power, even going so far as to announce The New World Order (NWO) on their current affairs show (click here to read my previous post) now has the dogs of war at Channel 7’s heels to suppress or otherwise forever cancel the goose that laid the golden egg … reinforcing the death knells of the dying mainstream media machine.

Kerry Stokes is a traitor and should be tried by a Grande Jury for Sedition whereas Shane Dowling is a true and courageous patriot and should be congratulated for taking a stand against corruption by his journalistic reporting on things that the mainstream media won’t touch.

Australia needs a Royal Commission into the mainstream medias’ propensity to reticulate propaganda and vacuous rhetoric to the detriment of the Australian people.




Excerpt from a Post by Shane Dowling of Kangaroo Court

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

English: Tony Abbott in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave a personal reference in court for the former priest Father John Nester in a child sex abuse case in 1997. Father Nester was later struck off as a clergy by the Vatican. Add this to Tony Abbott’s and the Liberal Party’s extremely close relationship with Cardinal George Pell who has admitted the church covered up sexual abuse and there is a major problem brewing in relation to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

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