Political Journalist Renounces Australian Citizen-Ship

This article appeared in the Guardian on 26 August 2014.  It’s interesting for many reasons, not least is the fact that this former political toe-the-line journalist has seen the light so to speak, he has jumped off the citizen-ship and reverted to his traditional tribal name, and is now standing for truth, instead of being part of the political circus we see reported in the mainstream media.  To read the article click here.





Queensland Government: An Illegal One Party Dictatorship

English: Tony Fitzgerald, Corruption Commissioner

English: Tony Fitzgerald, Corruption Commissioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you Brisbane Times for publishing unedited the article by Tony Fitzgerald called “Power and the Inconvenience of Truth” and the article titled “Queensland Needs An Upper House” where the only two independent MP’s elected, Liz Cunningham (Member for Gladstone) and Independent member for Nicklin Peter Wellington called for the restoration of Queensland’s Upper House after they were sacked from the  Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee.  Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie prefers Crime and Misconduct acting Chair Ken Levy, a proven liar who will toe the party line.

While Tony Fitzgerald’s article was measured it still hit the mark, but let’s not mince words here, a unicameral government is a dictatorship.  It is a fact that in 1917 there was a Referendum to abolish the Upper House in Queensland which failed, yet in 1922 the Upper House was illegally removed.   QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Law School in 2012 could not and would not provide an answer on how Queensland’s Upper House was removed legally.  The lawyers/teachers should know if it was legal or not, and if they cover up the illegality, they are also an accessory-after-the-fact, and are guilty of sedition.

This is the illegality of the status quo, and the accepted illegality of the removal of the Upper House by every single sitting member of the Queensland parliament are continuing to commit a criminal offence, so that any member who sits (all of the LNP party) and does not demand a return to the original constitution of Queensland has committed sedition, the punishment of which used to call for a lynching in the town square.

However bringing back the Upper House is only part of the problem/solution.  Any discussion on Truth and Justice must address the courts modus operandi  There is absolutely no justice at all in Queensland when the courts operate in secret (family courts) and courts are serviced by one judge Star Chamber, who is often either biased, incompetent or on the take, particularly so if that judge is a freemason, or a member of some other illegal secret society (gang).

The V.L.A.D. the impaler laws (Vicious Lawless Associate Disestablishment Bill) should be applied across the defence force, the police, the judiciary and the parliament to remove and jail those who are gang members of secret societies such as Freemasons, Order of the Red Garter (Anna Bligh), Knights of Malta, Fabian Socialists (Kevin Rudd); and Jesuit Brotherhood (Quentin Bryce).  This would do a lot to clean up the system.

There have been so many blatant miscarriages of justice here in Queensland, it would take decades to right.  One of the problems is the controlled media who through influence and deep pockets can take out a political party such as One Nation and its individual politicians like Pauline Hansen.  Scott Balson was targeted for exposing the real news on the One Nation website such as the fact that Queensland had a known paedophile Bill D’Arcy still able to enact laws for Queensland while awaiting trial.  Watch Scott Balson’s story “Enemy of the State” on the state of Justice in Queensland on You Tube here (Part 1); (Part 2); (Part 3) and (Part 4).

Without unobstructed juries sitting in every court, both civil and criminal, there can be no justice.  The truth is that common law is trial by jury, and there are many excellent articles on the Democracy Defined Website that explain the term legem terrae and the power of the jury justice system, particularly the power of jury nullification.

In the United States of America a man by the name of James Baab is interviewed on WHDT9 by Gary Franchi titled “REPORT: Jury Rights Billboard Campaign Infuriates Prosecutors”.  organised enough money to be donated to run a series of billboard advertisements near the courts to tell juries of their right to jury nullification, as courts will often tell juries that they only have the power to judge the facts.  This is a lie, because the jury has the power to judge the law and the facts.  If the law is a stupid law that is not in the interests of the people, the law will be disposed of and a jury justice system would certainly void any legislation that was not in the public interest, and therefore would discourage the enactment of such legislation.

A jury justice system would also hold all public servants to account, with the power to bring charges of treason and sedition returned to the courts.  If powerful public servants are forced to act in their jobs under their own personal liability, and their own homes, vehicles and freedom was threatened, integrity would begin to return to the Queensland Government overnight.

Kevin Rudd Exposed as Agent for New World Order

Article Mirrored from CEC – Citizens Electoral Council

London's Dragon

London’s Dragon (Photo credit: garryknight)

The City of London is manipulating Australia, through its agent [Prime Minister] Kevin Rudd, long time intelligence operative closely tied into MI6, so that Australia’s position as incoming president of the UN Security Council is used to escalate, rather than resolve, the conflict in Syria.

Anglo-Americans are targeting Syria as a proxy for their strategic targeting of Russia and China, including with nuclear weapons, which has created dangerous preconditions for another world war.

English: The Decumanus Maximus on the site of ...

English: The Decumanus Maximus on the site of Palmyra, Syria Français : La Grande Colonnade sur le site de Palmyre en Syrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have cynically manipulated the so-called Arab Spring to turn virtually the entire Middle East into a theatre of war, prompting Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to comment last September that he hoped the Arab Spring didn’t turn into a “nuclear winter.”

The Anglo-Americans have even betrayed the American, British and Australian soldiers who have fought and died in Afghanistan fighting the al-Qaeda terrorist network [to enable Rothschild to run oil and gas pipelines from the Caspian], by unleashing the very same [CIA] al-Qaeda jihadists to target the regimes in Libya, then Syria and now the transitional government in Egypt, all funded by Britain’s [Jewish-ruled] terrorist-sponsoring client-state Saudi Arabia. 

Cast your mind back to August 2008 and the perfidy of Israeli and US involvement in Georgia’s attack on the innocent Russian people of Ossetia. See here.

English: Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Au...

English: Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Kevin 007?
By Robert Barwick Sixteen months into Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership, Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood demanded in a Webcast address, “Whom do you serve, Mr Rudd?” The answer, to anyone who has paid even cursory attention to the policies which Rudd has championed domestically, as well as internationally, is the British Empire. The Australian nation developed only thanks to “old” Labor’s fight for national banking and industrial protectionism against the “Money Power”— London-centred British finance and free trade—and it is this national heritage which Rudd has betrayed on behalf of the British Empire.

Here’s the scorecard. As Prime Minister and Labor Party leader, Rudd has: campaigned for international financier control over Australia’s financial system, including in the guise of “independence” for the privately-controlled Reserve Bank; committed Australia to lead the world in the British genocidal crusade on “climate change”, condemning us to industrial oblivion and economic ruin; jumped to bail out the banks, and spearheaded the British push to coordinate a global bailout—aka “stimulus”—through the G-20 and International Monetary Fund; and has crusaded for ever more British free trade, in the course of which, as in the U.S. in February, he pronounced that, “Protectionism is intrinsically evil.”
So Rudd is obviously an agent of British imperialism. But, a look at his personal background forces one to ask, additionally: is he also formally a British agent, recruited early in his career to Her Majesty’s Secret Service? Is he, in fact, “Kevin 007”?
Such recruitment to the intelligence services usually takes place early in one’s career, at university or soon after, when a prospective agent shows him or herself to be bright, ambitious, and, just as importantly—unscrupulous; better yet, duplicitous and sadistic by nature.

The New Imperialism

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (Photo credit: casually_cruel)

Before reviewing Rudd’s personal record, consider the historical context in which he, and similar traitors to Australia’s vital interests are recruited. In the last quarter of the 19th Century, as a result of the mass industrialisation and railroad building in the U.S. unleashed by President Abraham Lincoln’s victory over the British-sponsored, rural slave-based Confederacy, British imperialism faced a mortal threat. Not only was the industrial might and population of the U.S. exploding, but many other nations were emulating its policies of protection, national banking, and railroad building, the latter of which posed a direct challenge to British maritime control of the world.

These included Germany, Japan, and Russia, among others. Not able to face this challenge directly, as through the gunboats and redcoated armies of the past, the British oligarchy typified by Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, et al., founded the Round Table movement, including its Fabian Society sub-division which targeted particularly the rising influence of the working classes, but also industrialism per se.

NYC - Rockfeller Center: British Empire Buildi...

NYC – Rockfeller Center: British Empire Building – Industries of the British Empire (Photo credit: wallyg)

The Round Table adopted the classic Fabian strategy—don’t attack a more powerful enemy directly, under one’s own flag, but wear him down by cultural and financial subversion, and by manipulating your enemies to fight ruinous wars against each other, like World War I and II. And in place of the naked colonialism of old, the Round Table substituted a policy of “indirect rule”, or “self-rule”, whereby the “native” ruling elite of their old colonies would be trained at Oxford via Rhodes scholarships, or recruited to pro-British imperial outlooks via the local Oxfords in the colonies, such as Harvard, Yale et al. in the U.S., or Australian National University, Melbourne University, etc. in Australia.

Soon known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the Round Table set up powerful branches based in the local oligarchies of its “former” (or intended) colonies. Its U.S. subsidiary, for instance, the Council on Foreign Relations, was largely drawn from the major investment houses of Wall Street, most of whom had been set up by the British in the first place, while its Australian division, the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA) was comprised of leaders of our corporate and financial elite. The AIIA, in turn, spun off various fronts such as the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, which is merely a collection of Anglophiles in America, meeting with their opposite, also Anglophile associates in Australia.

Moving into the present, Australia’s place in British imperial schemes is what it has always been—a British strategic outpost in the Pacific. But, with the rise of China, India, and Asia in general, Australia’s role has been upgraded as well. For instance, in 1995, the RIIA issued a policy document entitled, Economic Opportunities for Britain and the Commonwealth, which announced that Australia should be, more than ever before, the British corporate and financial “stepping-stone to Asia”.

The report chronicled the astonishing amount of British foreign investment in Australia, and listed hundreds of British firms which had already set up their Asian headquarters in Australia, a list which has greatly expanded since. This defined the strategic environment in which the Mandarin-speaking Rudd was recruited into Australia’s foreign policy establishment, itself a de facto subsidiary of the RIIA.

Notwithstanding our nominal independence upon Federation in 1901, Australia did not run its own foreign policy until the early 1940s, following Prime Minister John Curtin’s December 1941 break with Churchill and the British, to go with America. Until then, the major aspects of our foreign policy were officially run directly from London.
Until the Statute of Westminster, a 1931 Act of British Parliament which granted “legislative equality” to Britain’s Dominions, was ratified by the Australian Parliament in 1942, Australia’s status as a Dominion meant our foreign affairs were handled by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. But even when we assumed formal control of our foreign policy, it was via an apparat which had long been subservient to British interests, which just continued on under a new name, presently the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Typical was the relation of our Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)—a branch of DFAT—to the British SIS. The notoriously anti-Labor ASIS was formally founded after World War II as a branch of British SIS. No wonder therefore, that investigative reporters Des Ball and Jeffrey Richelson in their 1985 book, The Ties That Bind, reported that, “The relationship between ASIS and the SIS is so close that there has never been any need for written agreements or a formal exchange of liaison personnel.” They wrote, “It is thus not surprising that ASIS officers continue to call the London headquarters of the SIS the ‘Head Office’ and the Melbourne headquarters of ASIS called itself the ‘Main Office’.”

Career Path

Now, let us turn to the career of Kevin Rudd. Rudd studied Chinese at the Australian National University (ANU) from 1976-79, where he was mentored by world-renowned Chinese scholar Pierre Ryckmans. After a stint in Taiwan in 1980, he returned to submit his thesis, which glorified China’s leading dissident, Wei Jingsheng, a darling of the RIIA circles in London.

In 1981, Rudd went straight from university into the Department of Foreign Affairs (now DFAT), which, as per its history noted above, is one big intelligence apparat, of which the formal spy agency, ASIS, is merely one section. Not surprisingly, many DFAT officials are actually ASIS spies acting under “cover”. Rudd served as a diplomat in Sweden, and then in China until 1987.

That Chinese phase of Rudd’s career was to have telling aftereffects. A four-day trip he took to Taiwan in 1999 was paid for by a reportedly corrupt former Taiwanese MP, Chang Yu-huei, who was Minister without portfolio and Secretary-General of the Cabinet in the government of the pro-independence British darling President Chen Shui-bian, who came close to provoking a Taiwan-China war by his escalating actions for Taiwanese “independence”.

Perhaps Chen and his wife were looking out for their own independence as well, since both have recently been sentenced to lengthy prison terms for taking bribes. In 2005, a foundation associated with one of Chang’s companies, the Taiwan Sugar Company, donated $1 million to the Mater Mothers’ Hospital in Rudd’s Queensland electorate. When Rudd’s connection to Chang attracted media attention in July this year, the Taiwanese Embassy released a curious statement claiming that Rudd’s trip was “conducive to the enhancement of the in-depth understanding of the importance of the UKAustralia relations“. [Emphasis added]

Returning to Rudd’s early career, it is in the nature of the spy business that ASIS agents are not trumpeted as such, quite the contrary. But despite their covers, they often have mysterious “gaps” in their curricula vitae. Curiously, former Opposition Leader Mark Latham wrote of Rudd in his tell-all, Latham Diaries: “He’s certainly part of the foreign policy establishment, and yes, there are some missing periods in his CV, plus a general mystery about the guy.” [emphasis added]

In a backhanded way, Rudd biographer Nicholas Stuart reflected the same perceptions, going out of his way to assert that despite Rudd’s efforts to “veil his activities” during his time in China, it “appears that Rudd did not hold any position as a spymaster”.
Far less circumstantial, is that in 1988 Rudd applied, and was accepted for a key position in London with Australia’s peak intelligence agency, the Office of National Assessments (ONA), reporting on intelligence and strategic matters directly to the Prime Minister.

A Detour?
In the event, Rudd didn’t end up in London, but instead made what might seem, on the surface of it, to be a radical career shift: in 1988, at the age of only 31, he became Chief of Staff to Queensland Premier Wayne Goss, the first Labor premier there in 21 years. But was it a shift? As the all-powerful mandarin under Goss, he rammed through National Competition Policy “reforms” in Queensland from 1989-95, reforms which the New Citizen has documented as emanating directly from the Mont Pelerin Society (MPS), the London-based headquarters of British imperial economic warfare, as implemented in Australia by the Australian subsidiary of London’s Hill Samuel Bank, later known as Macquarie Bank.

Through deregulation, privatisation and outsourcing, these MPS-designed “reforms” devastated Australia’s domestic industries, infrastructure and services. Both their effects, and the savage way in which Rudd rammed them through, earned him the nickname, “Dr. Death”.

In 1992, while ostensibly off in the backblocks of Queensland, the head of DFAT, Richard Woolcott, anointed Rudd as his likely successor one day, in recruiting him to the Australian American Leadership Dialogue then being formed. Woolcott recounted, “Phil Scanlan was starting it, and he asked me, ‘Who do you think will be in your position in 20 years’ time?’ I gave it a bit of thought and said, ‘Well, why don’t you invite Kevin Rudd?’ He joined up and, of course, that has served him very well…”
When it was decided in 1995 that Rudd should enter Federal Parliament, the path was cleared for him to win Labor Party pre-selection for the federal electorate of Griffith, by a branchstacking campaign so extensive it sparked a nationwide scandal about Labor Party branch-stacking, which was investigated by the ABC’s Four Corners. Rudd failed to win Griffith on his first try, in 1996, but he was pushed through in 1998. And fellow Labor MPs who questioned his credentials, or the circumstances of his wife’s curious rise to riches in business, were quickly gagged.

His Labor credentials were indeed curious, including as they did, his membership in the neo-conservative Australian-American Leadership Dialogue; his regular attendance at the notorious Mont Pelerin Society front, the Centre for Independent Studies; his support for the Iraq war which Tony Blair had personally launched via his “sexed-up” dossier on Saddam Hussein’s non-existent nuclear bomb; and his connections to the British backed pro-independence, rabidly anti-China networks in Taiwan. But all these went unquestioned as Rudd was fast-tracked through the ranks of the party to become the Leader of what he liked to call “Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition”.

And so, when Labor’s defeat of the discredited Coalition government loomed as inevitable in 2007, and Her Majesty wanted to guarantee that the ALP replacement for her faithful servant John Winston Howard wouldn’t resort to “old Labor” policies in the face of the economic collapse, she had the perfect candidate.

Mrs. Moneypenny?
Meanwhile, another key component of the Rudd story was unfolding, that of his wife Therese Rein’s rags-to-riches rise in business, which has netted the PM and his wife a conservatively-estimated $60 million fortune. Rein’s Ingeus company earns all of its income from government outsourcing. She won her first government contract in 1993 when Paul Keating outsourced job placement for the long-term unemployed, and enjoyed a windfall in 1996-97 when the Howard government abolished the Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) and established the private Job Network.

By then, the board of Rein’s “independent” business included Wayne Goss, Qantas director and former Commonwealth Public Service head Mike Codd, and former ASIC regional commissioner Barrie Adams. Following Tony Blair’s 1995 election as British Prime Minister, she won similar contracts in Britain, reportedly leveraged through Goss’ former political adviser Michael Stephenson who switched to advise Blair. Following Rudd’s 2007 election, Rein sold out of the Australian side of her business, supposedly to avoid a conflict of interest. But the confl ict of interest is now bigger than ever: the vast majority of the Australian PM’s household income now comes directly from the British government. 

Romley-Stewart: Stover’s revelations about your name in Capital Letters

Read below and learn how Romley- Stewart: Stover applied this 1899 Law in Court to have his hearings quashed. The attachment reveals how your name in all capital letters can be manipulated by corporations to enslave individuals. Everytime you get a bill or notice in ALL UPPER CASE, take the opportunity to claim your rights and status. Radio Interview with Romley at bottom of page.

514 Personation in general
(1) Any person who, with intent to defraud any person, falsely represents himself or herself to be some other person, living or dead, real or fictitious, is guilty of an offence which, unless otherwise stated, is a misdemeanour, and the person is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.
(2) If the representation is that the offender is a person entitled by will or operation of law to any specific property, and the person commits the offence with intent to obtain such property or possession thereof, the person is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

Subject: the Truth to our enslavement
Author: Red Dragon
Date: 24 Jan

GOLDEN THREAD View profile
More options Oct 20 2011, 9:44 am

Caricature of Sir John Bridge (1824-1900). Cap...

Thanks for your email and your understanding of what I was saying.  It was very important for me to receive your blessing if you could put it that way.  I was just unlucky enough to discover how wrong the so-called Australian Government operated, (Including the so-called States of Australia)

My friend Cecil Ronald Rhodes told me something was wrong with the governing system a few years ago and he was working with a few other people trying all sorts of things in Court to work out what is going on, he was locked up for 6 months without charge but he was aware of the fraud. At that time, they didn’t click onto the two names appearing on documents: CECIL RONALD RHODES and the name: RHODES CECIL RONALD. (trust Law)

I had a Child Custody case and after nearly 3 years of being railroaded in court, very long story cut short, I questioned the name on the court order: “FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS”

When I asked the person sitting on the bench, her name, she claimed: “Federal Magistrate Willis” and then I asked how she got a first name like: Federal”. She then said that Federal was not her name and then I asked her why she lied about her name in a court room because if she made a claim in a court room that her name was “Federal Magistrate Willis” then why should I not believe her?

I then asked her if she lied?

She shit herself! … I then asked her if she was the one that autographed the court order seal to the name: FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS, and the Autograph looked like “J Willis”. I held it up so she could see it .. she refused to answer and then claimed, “I’m not going to answer that” then I asked if the name: FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS was registered at Births Deaths and Marriages or was it a fictitious name!

Sweden has adopted legislation that will give ...

She went quiet and looked really worried and then the Guard came over to me and asked me to stop?

I then said to the guard, “I don’t know you! who are you?” and then I said, if you touch me or my recorder I will call the federal police and then I pointed at the Magistrate Willis and said to her, “that goes for you too, I don’t know who you are!” and at that point she took off out of the Court room leaving the federal court in shock! There was a lawyer for my child and another one for the mother of my child.

All I asked for in the beginning was that the court identify the statute that I breached in relation to the family Law Act in order that they can take away my fatherly right to see my child 50 50? and they could not identify one breach of the statute.

After 3 years and 6 applications to try and remove a 50 50 custody, I had done some research on what a “Magistrate” is and they have to be lawfully appointed in PERSON! (Not as a man) and then I found that the federal Court Of Australia belonged to a Company? COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, when can a company have a sovereign court? and how can a PERSON lawfully exist without subject matter? it can’t!

When I tried to find the lawful appointment of the person sitting on the bench: JOSEPHINE ANNE WILLIS, I couldn’t! and that meant, according to the Blacks Law Dictionary, that the magistrate was not lawfully appointed but might be in violation of Personage, personating a Magistrate?.

About 4 days after that scary court case where the so-called: FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS ran out of the court room, Mr. Boyd, the Registrar from the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia rang me from Sydney and asked me to come into the Court but just for a chat, no paperwork, ??? (Talked through speaker phone)

I said that I have had enough of this court because it’s destroyed my business, my work , my life was wrecked fighting court hearing after court hearing and I have not been paid one cent! I have had to defend every hearing for nearly 3 years and now I don’t even know who I’m fighting against???, I have not violated one of the family law acts! and that meant that the court had no jurisdiction to make any order over and above natural rights. When I went in for the meeting with Mr. Boyd, I asked him why the Court Orders have been signed with a fictitious name and asked him if that was a violation of the Queensland Criminal Code Act: 1899:  Personage?

He asked me not to say anything else in front of the other 3 lawyers in the room. That question also concerned the other lawyers but Mr. Boyd then said that the Court no longer wants to pursue the matter and asked me for permission if they could stop and vacate the whole thing????

I was stunned that it was all over in such a short time just by asking why the fictitious name: “FEDERAL MAGISTRATE WILLIS” appeared on the court order in stead of: the correct name: “Federal Magistrate: JOSEPHINE ANNE WILLIS” in order to identify the office and the person that sits in the office.

I asked if the Court order was lawfully valid?

That was the beginning of realizing that the designation of the name must be where the fraud exists.



The next thing that made me wonder what was going on was when ERGON ENERGY QUEENSLAND PTY LTD took me: ROMLEY STEWART STOVER, to Court over my electricity bill.

I asked Ergon Energy to issue my bill to my correct name: “ROMLEY STEWART STOVER” instead of the name on the bill: “MR R S STOVER”….My home had 3 electricity meters and in Queensland, they put an ambulance levy on each electricity meter so I ask them if they could take the levy off 2 of the meters and leave it only on one meter because only my daughter and I lived at the house at that time and 3 levy’s added up to nearly $300 instead of $98 a year. The other meters were for 2 sheds, when I re-wired the house to bring the wiring up the health standards, I just left the meters there because they were always there.

They refused! to drop the fee of the other two maters and made me pay 3 levy’s ..? This was unfair but I had no remedy, just pay! … so they then told me to rewire the place back to one meter at my expense, I had just rewired the whole meter board and they wanted me to re-wire it again? … totally wrong with no compassion or human understanding.

So again , to cut a long story short, when I asked Ergon Energy to send the bill to my lawful name: ROMLEY STEWART STOVER, in order to defend my claim in court against a lawful bill, they refused! because the name: “MR R S STOVER” made no legal sense, the name should have been: Mr. R. S. Stover, in the correct English if they wanted to use the “Mr.” or send it to my correct lawful name: ROMLEY STEWART STOVER. How can I defend or even claim the false name: MR R S STOVER?

Well I won! but only after being threatened with indefinite prison if I didn’t pay the bill, and in the end, I put my hands together like praying, and asked the Magistrate to please help me settle this account.

Then he said “Well why don’t you just pay the bill?”

I said, ” because I don’t have a bill! the existing bill is not issued to my correct lawful name and the name: “MR R S STOVER” was not my name”. It’s a violation of section 514 of the Criminal Code Act 1899: Personage, to claim a fictitious name and the designation: “MR R S STOVER” is legally the designation of a name because of how it appeared in all uppercase, but it has no subject matter, rendering such a name as a fictitious false name-trust..

The magistrate nearly fell of his chair, he didn’t know what to say, then he just claimed: “Mr. Stover deserves the right to have his bill issued to his true correct lawful name” and then said to me: “Sorry for the inconvenience I have caused you today Mr. Stover, you may go”

Again, that was over a year of writing and research …. It’s all in the Name again! …  (The Ambulance Levy has now been abandoned by the so-called State Government.)

This means that every person sitting in Parliament and Government sits under a false name! as I have explained in that document, Even every person that sits on the bench as Magistrates and Judges are questionable! they have no jurisdiction over the birth right people, only jurisdiction over the fiction person on the Passport and Driver license!

It’s a fraud not only against the original people of Australia, it’s a fraud on every human born to this land including the original blood.  I was never trying to claim the land or any right from the original people or from any people.

I don’t want to take over the country, all I did was discover the most criminal actions of these people assuming to govern us in the hope that justice can be given to people who need it.

The Australian Passport and Queensland Driver License are instruments used to destroy the Sovereign Trust (Name) meaning the birth right. Every person that holds an Australian Passport can not prove that he/ she is a sovereign birth right person because their Passport and Driver license proves that they are not the sovereign birth right because the name on the Passport and Driver License are false twisted designations of the real name but your autograph and image appear on that instrument! it’s a forgery!

The so-called “sorry” to the original people by Kevin Rudd was a scam because he made it clear that “As Prime Minister, he was sorry for what they did to the Original People” but he didn’t say sorry from his true name: KEVIN MICHAEL RUDD, he said sorry under the false name: “KEVIN RUDD PM” and that name is a false-fake fraud! fiction so you could say the “Sorry” was a fiction and lawfully meant nothing …

Doesn’t matter if it hurts Black people or White people, a scam is a scam, a crime is a crime and both Black and White people are people!, humans, and both can be hurt by crime.!

How can we ever deal with anything with such a fraud government assuming power?

So thank-you very much for your email to me because I’m just like you, trying to find out what is wrong and why so many people are wronged without any compassion from this so called government.

When I asked Willy Brim from Kuranda (Black activist but a lovely man and he has always been a gentleman to me) about what I have discovered, he said what you have said, “You finally worked it out!” … He knew!

Some form of Sovereign Council that represents the people of Australia and not the Alien-fictitions, must be formed, this can’t go on like this, it’s criminal and I noticed massive riots in Wall Street, all about the theft of the Sovereign Wealth by unknown corporate entities, and this is what it’s all about …

The group of WHITE People! that I’m working with, are upset that this has happened so I think this is more than just about Black and White, this is about People, humans and the machine of Corporations that have no soul.

The Arny movie: “The Terminator” is the same thing but the machine is much more evil!, it’s the system with no soul or love or spirit of brotherhood between men that has taken over and as long as you are a good slave you will be ok but if you become aware, you become the enemy to them … A corporation is in effect, a machine.

Thank you so much *** for your email, you are another man who made me ask questions and research the law dictionary to find out if what you were saying was true and as far as I can see, you are right!, the governing system is evil .. really wrong,

ROMLEY ON FAIRDINKUM RADIO:  http://fairdinkumradio.com/resources/110512RS.mp3


Gillard with General David Petraeus, the comma...

Gillard with General David Petraeus, the commander of the International Security Assistance Force, during a visit to Afghanistan on 2 October 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This email was sent to me today, and I thought the need to share it with you all.  By the way, if you didn’t already know, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and others have been charged with treason by Brian Shaw in Victoria.  Search “Australian Political Treason” on You Tube or click the links here to listen to Brian eloquently and brilliantly explain the attempted UN Agenda 21 takeover of Australia to commit democide.  Watch the trailer to the movie SHADE here made by Jason Bermas and Shepard Ambellas of the Intelhub.

Brian has requested a Grande Jury trial, but the Attorney-General’s department in Victoria refuse to indict, because most of them would face questioning about their involvement in subverting the people of the Commonwealth of Australia’s interests.  They have, in their eyes, rebutted and removed this claim by labelling Brian Shaw a vexatious litigant.  Can they label all of us vexatious?

English: Titlepage and dedication from a 1612-...

English: Titlepage and dedication from a 1612-1613 King James Bible, printed by Robert Barker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time that Christians and all people with a good heart to stand up and demand justice, therefore trial by jury in our courts.  Learn the King James Bible because it’s what you need in court to claim your human rights.

On that note, this corruption concerning Australia does not end at our borders.  The tentacles stretch far and wide around the world.  While you are reading this story, keep in mind that Bill Shorten is Quentin Bryce ‘s son-in-law (our Governor-General) .  Did Quentin Bryce in her office of Governor-General also know of the corruption?  Keep in mind also that the Australian Federal Police have admitted the sex slave trade has connections all the way to the United Nations, which it appears Craig Thomson indulged himself in, as a way to launder money to the heads of the criminal gangs (communists, socialists, and marxists).

Nazi Reichsadler

The Nazi connection goes back to the end of WWII and this also has tentacles all over the world.  In the Australian Archives sits a declassified document that shows a diagram of how the Nazi’s were going to infiltrate our Government in Australia.  This has to my knowledge, never been discussed or refuted.

John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King spoke of the secret societies that control our government behind the scenes, and in this particular case we have a bunch of freemasons and fabian socialists in our courts and parliament.  Quentin Bryce has been shown giving Julia Gillard the masonic handshake.

English: Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of Au...

English: Quentin Bryce, Governor-General of Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Julia Gillard must go and she must go now.  Resign Julia, the jigs up. If you have a blog please mirror this story and get it viral to help protect Larry Pickering and Brian Shaw.  May God bless them both.  Please share with me in prayer that Julia Gillard is brought to her knees in a swift and timely fashion..

Subject: Larry Pickering on Gillard

Bob Kernohan looks tired. I sat opposite him slurping coffee in Lygon Street, Carlton. He has a kind face that hides his bitter resolve to bring justice to his beloved, bereft AWU Members.  He rails against current AWA Boss, Paul Howes, and his fatuous promise to clean up the union while he, Howes, continues to sit on the mountain of evidence that would help recover his members’ stolen funds.  Unfortunately that very same evidence would kill the AWU- anointed Gillard. So, as with the HSU, once again union members lose and the vile, unelected, political power-brokers thrive.  Bob rubs his forehead, “One day this will be a best seller Larry, there is more to this than Watergate.”

Revelations exposed in The Pickering Post last week have been verified by sacked radio host, Michael Smith, to 2GB’s Alan Jones this morning.  Michael Smith, among others, was sacked for attempting to run the story on his radio program.  The “Pickering Post” interviewed the players in this dirty little game and came away with a clear picture of extortion, fraud and corruption that led all the way to the door of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Gillard is now protected by the very same unionists who put her there.  Paul Howes and Bill Shorten, assisted by Stephen Conroy were the driving force behind the Gillard coup. While members of Caucus were conducting doorstep interviews saying, “don’t be so silly”, “there is no challenge”, “it’s just another media beatup”, it was union boss, Howes, who was at the same time, brazenly announcing the successful knifing of Rudd on the ABC’s Lateline.  ALP Members of Parliament were entirely unaware of union moves to oust Rudd.

English: Kevin Rudd (right) and Julia Gillard ...

English: Kevin Rudd (right) and Julia Gillard (left) at their first press conference as leader and deputy leader of the Australian Labor Party on 4 December 2006. Français : Kevin Rudd (à droite) et Julia Gillard (à gauche) à leur premier conférence de presse en tant que leader et député du parti travailliste australien le 4 décembre 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never has there been more visible proof that the Gillard Government is ruled totally by unelected unionists. ALP democracy has been hijacked and corrupted in this way for 60 years. It must stop.  The knifing of Rudd was not, in itself, enough to crown Gillard.  Gillard then had to succour the Greens and bribe treacherous Independents to form a make-shift government, a government that is arguably the worst in Australia’s history.

The true hero in this sad saga is Bob Kernohan. He has tried over many years to recover union members’ funds misappropriated by Wilson and allegedly Gillard. He has been bashed and intimidated by union heavies protecting Gillard, he is broke and an outcast. It is bloody cold in Melbourne and he worries about his next power bill.

He represents the epitome of a good union boss; a diligent minder, tirelessly looking out for workers’ interests. Labor blue blood runs through his veins.  Unions are now threatening to withdraw funding from the ALP if their wishes are not met. It is they who decide who the Prime Minister will be and who, if anyone, will replace her.

Government House, Perth, Western Australia.

Government House, Perth, Western Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s look at the involvement of Gillard in the fraudulent activities of her lover, Bruce Wilson.   The Kerr Street house, owned by Bruce Wilson and Ralph Blewitt, was paid for with funds diverted from the WA Government via construction company Thiess.  Gillard set up the receiving account knowing full-well that it was an “Association” account and not within the rules of the AWU.

Gillard was an Industrial Lawyer and was aware the AWU did not know the fraudulent account she set up even existed. Yet the AWU was a client of her law firm.  The account was: AWU Workplace Reform Association Inc. (whatever that means). There were a further 12 accounts that appear to have been involved in fraudulent activities.

A handwriting expert has verified it is indeed Gillard’s handwriting on the above fraudulent account application.  Gillard was living with Bruce Wilson in the Kerr Street house. Union officials have confirmed that, when they visited the house on union business, even on weekends, Gillard was running around in her dressing gown. Although she owned another house in Collingwood it was known by one and all that she was living with Wilson. She was at one time pregnant to him.

Slater & Gordon

Her employer, Left-wing Law firm Slater & Gordon, were also aware of the illegal accounts. They did the conveyancing on the ill-gotten house and lent Wilson a further $138,000 in a mortgage to complete the sale.

The fraud surfaced in May of 1995 when renovation contractors working on both Wilson’s and Gillard’s house complained of not being paid.  Immediately realising the gravity of the situation, Gillard raced into AWU offices with handwritten receipts. We cannot identify if the receipts covered all the expenditure nor can we identify the source of the funds Gillard used. But the question must be asked: “Why should Gillard have been concerned if she was not aware of anything untoward?”

Slater & Gordon sacked Gillard anyway as they were likely to be dragged into the political backwash. They then refused to release any documentation regarding the case. Peter Gordon resigned.  Wilson was sacked, along with his partner in crime, Ralph Blewitt. A peeved Ralph Blewitt, not having been paid his severance pay of $12,000 for many years, wrote to Gillard as PM asking for his money.

Specialist Response and Security

Gillard’s Office wrote back threatening his arrest by the AFP if he did not go away. It worked, Blewitt dropped his claim. It appears Blewitt (who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed) at least knew of Gillard’s involvement.

Bill Shorten knew of the Wilson/Gillard alleged fraud before AWU Boss, Bob Kernohan, did. Kernohan hit the roof. Shorten advised him to keep it quiet, Kernohan refused.  Shorten has also tried to keep quiet the HSU fraud concerning Craig Thomson. As Minister he has appointed Administrators to the HSU East Branch in order to shut down another whistleblower, Kathy Jackson.

Subsequent AWU Boss, Ian Cambridge, wrote a damning affidavit itemising particulars of the fraud. Gillard promptly promoted Cambridge to her Fair Work Australia Bench. Cambridge has not uttered a word since.

So, the whole filthy affair is starting to come apart at the seams.

Wilson, who is broke and camped in Newcastle, wants Gillard’s blood for the way she has betrayed him. Kernohan is tired of receiving bullets in the post and being bashed.  Simpleton Blewitt, and his wife, have been paid by a Melbourne law firm to fly back from Malaysia, where he is hiding out, to give evidence on behalf of a group of other people who also want Gillard’s blood. He is in Melbourne now. Stay tuned.

The mainstream Press won’t touch this for fear of Gillard’s retribution. She has made that open and clear. I have been warned not to persist with this story. I told them to get fucked so I fully expect to get bashed myself now, but little do the union hoods know who I know.

Good luck boys! Do you want my address?