District Court Ruling Illegal, Perverse and Irrational

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Irrational Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hi everyone,


Further to my blog on my front home page, the matter 3872/12 ruled on Monday 29th July was totally illegal, perverse and irrational.  I will be putting up all the information on the website shortly.  I spent yesterday thinking up a plan of attack – I have two or four weeks for an appeal.  My head is in a spin at the moment, and because I have to prepare my appeal papers, and consult some friends, I don’t expect to get up all the info onto the website until after this has been finished in a week or so.  Its now Wednesday afternoon, and I’ve just been listening to the University of You Tube and tidying up my desk, ready for the next onslaught of paperwork for the Supreme Court of Appeal.  


Will update with more info shortly