United Nations Historical Announcement at Global Citizen Festival

The Global Citizen Concert on Saturday 26th September finally aired tonight in Australia, Wednesday 30th September 2015.  The concert was aired up to four (4) days later in various countries around the world, two (2) days either side of the blood moon (2+2=4).  The satanic overtones were expressed in numbers and symbols throughout the Festival.  The final tetrad (fourth 4th) Blood Moon was on Monday 28th September 2015 and appears as a warning, part of the biblical prophecy of the Christian faith.

The Global Goals for Sustainability were actually code for the announcement that the United Nations is seizing control, and all nations will be subsumed into its belly.  All sovereignty will be abolished and the UN will start dictating laws to governments who will be public figureheads only.  This is the covert announcement of global governance which is politically correct language for the announcement of the New World Order (NWO).

There were seventeen (1+7=8) goals, and all the goals had their own distinct symbol.  The symbol most used throughout the Festival was the thirteenth (1+3=4) goal of Climate Action, being the eye of Horus.

ISIS is the Egyptian symbol associated with the eye of Horus.  ISIS we are told by Leo Zagami plan to announce the Antichrist after mid November 2015, and want a nuclear tsunami to kill the Infidels so they can bring in a worldwide caliphate which is just another word for dictatorship, tyranny and fascism.

The symbology throughout the Festival emphasised the eye of Horus, it was big and red and the colour red which symbolises blood, passion and anger was the predominant presentation along with gay couples kissing and fondling each other.  The Festival Ceremony emphasised lyrics such as “how long shall we kill the prophets” and “I feel myself”, “I am so awesome” and “she dreams in red”.  “There is a deeper world than this” tells us that demons inhabit a deeper world we cannot see, and this sentence also tells us that what goes on behind the scenes is different from what we are told or led to believe.

The music emphasised sex and the body and feminism, yet contrary to its Fifth Goal of Gender Equality (the Rights of Women and Children) the five young women standing on stage were all Muslim and wore head coverings.  These women have absolutely no freedom nor equality, yet they were used to preach to the decadent Christians.

The white cross was used alongside gay couples, and the goals bore damn lies and statistics with the numbers 13 and 29 prophetic numbers as worn by Beyonce.  With everyone wearing their black and white Global Citizens t-shirts, the colours black and white symbolise the intermixing of the races.

At first glance the United Nations goals sound lofty and many people will be sucked into believing them, but in actual fact they intend to do the opposite of all these goals.  The conspiracy theorists have been partially vindicated..  They will begin to push RFID chips for a global digital currency, to bring in more and more laws and to end our rights and freedoms.  The apocalypse is upon us.


Brisbane Public Meeting: United Nations Agenda 21 Threatens Aussie beer and footy culture

Calling all Aussies …. SOS …. SOS … SOS … Calling all Aussies

Subject:  Law and Justice, United Nations Agenda 21, Environmental Fascism and the “Rothschild Plan” (Australian Financial Review Tuesday 18 October 2012:  Street Talk:  UK Privatised Road Idea could be pitched to states, p.28)

Amy G speaks

Amy G speaks (Photo credit: Shreyans Bhansali)

Australians, Americans and Europeans are increasingly concerned about UN Agenda 21 and its confusing regulatory maze and alphabet jumble of agencies such as ICLEI. Independent research repeatedly reveals UN campaigns removing personal property rights and restricting resource use, residency and movement within communities.

The UN’s campaigns are falsely camouflaged as environmental action under two misleading tags: biodiversity and sustainability. Camouflaged as (pseudo) science these feed off UN Agenda 21’s third leg: Arbitrary regulations bypass parliaments by using taxpayer-funded agencies to replace freedom of choice with state control.

Sydney author and historian Amy McGrath OAM will be visiting Brisbane on Friday, November 2nd and has kindly made herself available to discuss this serious threat to Australians. Amy will reveal UN Agenda 21’s octopus-like tentacles spreading over local councils through the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. ICLEI is a UN agency based in Bonn , Germany .

Amy will:

– share research into UN Agenda 21 and stealthy ICLEI implementation tactics;
– discuss how to unravel and undo local council regulations and revoke UN treaties;
– Discuss how to protect freedom and protect national sovereignty in Australia .

The Agenda 21 for culture is the first documen...

The Agenda 21 for culture is the first document with worldwide mission that advocates establishing the groundwork of an undertaking by cities and local governments for cultural development. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A small group of American citizens in Alabama recently successfully drove state legislation banning UN Agenda 21. America ‘s Republican Party has adopted removal of UN Agenda 21 as part of its national policy. Amy sponsored recent presentations in NSW and ACT by two prominent Alabama citizens. She will share their successful tactics and her research into ICLEI.

Horrified with her findings, Amy and friends have formed the Alliance for Property Rights. Amy has campaigned for decades exposing electoral fraud. Her Australian and overseas research reveals UN policy illegally extending its octopus tentacles and bypassing elections.

This is part of global governance with total state ownership compressing people into regulated zones after banning private property. It’s underway in western democracies at huge human and economic cost including American counties and states such as California . It’s already removed some Australian residents’ property rights.

Australia is signatory to over 7,000 UN treaties. These range from the Lima Declaration destroying agriculture and manufacturing to seemingly innocent yet restrictive ordinances controlling water, land, farming and food. Is Australia technically becoming a UN colony? Subject to numbers, attendees will receive a free copy of Amy’s book Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. It’s a fine compilation of writings exposing UN Agenda 21 and global governance destroying Australian sovereignty and political systems.

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color is #d69d36 from the image at http://www.un.org/depts/dhl/maplib/flag.htm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please forward this to interested friends and join us in learning how to stop the UN’s hidden Revolution by Regulation.

Date and Time: Friday, November 2nd, 2012, 2:00pm.

Followed by discussion for those interested. Theatre booked until 5:00pm.

Venue Address: Tribal Theatre, 346 George Street , between Ann & Turbot Streets, Brisbane city.  (Formerly Dendy Theatre).

Who’s invited: Anyone interested in protecting freedom, personal property rights and national sovereignty.

 Price: $5 to cover cost of venue. Students and pensioners: gold coin donation.

 Parking: King George Square , Roma Street station, Tank Street underground parking

 Rail station: Roma Street


04 1964 2379